Enterprise voice

Improve collaboration with enterprise voice solutions.

It takes powerful enterprise voice solutions to keep clients and employees connected today.

The challenges are clear: communications technology is constantly evolving, user expectations are continually rising and business requirements are always in flux. To facilitate seamless collaboration and clear communication, enterprise voice solutions must provide flexible, next-generation tools that deliver superior quality while minimizing costs.

Spectrum Enterprise enables organizations to solve these challenges with a fully managed, cloud-based hosted enterprise voice solution that enables enterprise teams to keep pace with the demands of business today.

Hosted enterprise voice technology from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise delivers scalable, fiber-based technology and network solutions that enable the nation’s largest businesses to solve technological challenges and integrate valuable solutions.

Our Hosted Voice solution provides a fully scalable enterprise voice service that transforms the way employees connect with colleagues, partners and clients. State-of-the-art collaboration tools enable users to work smarter and more efficiently, communicating via any device from any location and handing off calls from one device to another when needed. Call security and high definition voice service is ensured by a dedicated and secure data connection over our privately owned fiber network.

With Spectrum Enterprise’s enterprise voice technology, features are seamlessly integrated and automatically upgraded in the cloud, eliminating the interruptions, cost and risk of constant upgrades to premise-based hardware and software. And with 24/7/365 monitoring and support by a locally-based customer service team, there is never any waiting for third-party support when it comes to resolving issues.

With enterprise voice solutions from Spectrum Enterprise, you can:

  • Improve communication and collaboration with next generation tools.

  • Manage costs with a predictable monthly pricing structure.

  • Scale enterprise voice technology easily as your business grows.

  • Streamline management with real-time visibility and control through one pane of glass.*

Additional enterprise voice solutions.

In addition to Hosted Voice, we offer additional enterprise voice solutions that include:

  • Unified Communications technology that provides rich collaboration features such as video chat, mobile phone integration, instant messaging and desktop sharing.

  • Hosted Call Center packages that scale easily to any call center environment and provide features such as automatic call routing, call monitoring, robust reporting and real-time tracking.

  • Fiber solutions for phone systems, including scalable solutions for PRI compatible systems and SIP trunking technology for a reliable, secure and scalable VoIP trunk solution.

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*Available in select areas.


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