Business phone service

Stay connected with business phone service from Spectrum Enterprise.

Your business phone service is one of the most important parts of your business communication technology. Email and internet solutions may suffice for many routine important interactions, but your business phone service is indispensable for resolving complicated issues, getting people on the same page and providing support and answers to customers and clients.

Enterprise Voice services from Spectrum Enterprise offer multiple solutions for business phone service that can help connect employees and customers more easily and reliably. Combining enterprise trunking services with hosted communications, our enterprise business solutions for voice and business phone service help to keep communication clear, effective and cost-efficient.

A wide selection of business phone service options.

Spectrum Enterprise is a national provider of scalable, fiber optic technology and reliable IT solutions that help many of the nation’s largest companies achieve a competitive edge.

Our enterprise voice trunking services provide secure and reliable business phone service with dedicated bandwidth that won’t slow down your data network, regardless of call volume.

Our business phone service options include:

  • Primary Rate Interface (PRI) - a scalable and cost-effective business phone service that uses ISDN Primary Rate Interface to connect a PBX or key system to the Public Switched Telephone Network. Our PRI service lets you match trunk capacity to business requirements with 12 or 23B+D channels, and enables long-distance, toll-free and international calling to more than 50 popular destinations worldwide. Usage details and reporting capabilities are available through a web portal (where available) that lets you configure Alternate Routing and Trunk Overflow features in real time.

  • SIP Trunking - a forward-looking VoIP trunk solution that offers a highly flexible, scalable and cost-effective interface for IP PBXs. Rather than routing voice traffic over the public Internet, SIP Trunking offers dedicated bandwidth for voice calls, preventing voice traffic from compromising your data bandwidth. And with trunking sold in small increments of call paths, this business phone service provides a highly scalable and cost-efficient alternative to traditional voice services.

Simplify business phone service with hosted voice solutions.

Spectrum Enterprise hosted communications services offer fully managed and scalable voice, video and messaging solutions that let you improve productivity, reduce costs and reallocate IT resources to more strategic activities. Our hosted business phone service options include:

  • Hosted Voice, a fully managed cloud-based solution that provides a seamless connection to the office from anywhere, improving productivity for your mobile and remote employees.

  • Hosted Call Center, a cloud-based solution that intelligently route calls within a call center environment.

  • Unified Communications, a solution that adds significant enhancements to Hosted Voice including instant messaging, desktop sharing, web collaboration and video calling.

Learn more about business phone service from Spectrum Enterprise, or about our offerings for VoIP Charlotte, VOIP Los Angeles and VOIP New York City.


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