Hospital Phone

Hospital phone and videoconferencing technology has become an indispensable tool in patient treatment. Telehealth services rely on hospital phone technology to provide healthcare services and access to medical information through virtual doctor visits. Telehealth technology is especially valuable in rural communities where the number of local hospitals is steadily declining and where patients have previously had no alternative to driving long distances for needed care.

With next generation hospital phone and videoconferencing technology, healthcare providers can more easily communicate with patients about a wide variety of concerns – everything from treating routine fevers and viruses to providing mental health care and tracking the progress of high-risk and post-operative patients. Patients appreciate having fast access to medical treatment as well as the convenience afforded by treatment over hospital phone technology, and telehealth consultations via video and hospital phone are forecast to grow significantly over the next few years.

Having the right health information technology is the key to providing hospital phone solutions that can improve patient satisfaction while reducing costs. Leading-edge hospital phone technology requires a hospital network that can accommodate bandwidth-intensive applications and provide fast connectivity, exceptional reliability and minimal latency. When choosing a provider for hospital phone and conferencing technology, more healthcare organizations today turn to Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise: fiber solutions for hospital phone, TV, Internet and more.

Spectrum Enterprise is one of the nation’s leading providers of fiber technology for gigabit Internet, voice and video, along with cloud services and managed network services. Serving many of the largest enterprises in the country, Spectrum Enterprise offers the technology hospitals need to provide the best possible care and patient experience.

Spectrum Enterprise Hosted Voice solution provides hospital phone technology that improves communication between clinicians and patients and keeps hospital employees connected and productive.

Benefits of Spectrum Enterprise hospital phone technology.

Hospital phone solutions from Spectrum Enterprise provide:

  • Scalability, with elastic voice solutions that adapt as hospital requirements change.
  • Cost savings, with simplified pricing and no hidden costs for long distance.
  • Hands-on support, with 24/7 monitoring, industry-leading SLAs and real-time visibility and control provided through a single pane of glass.
  • Unified Communications solutions that enable anywhere, anytime communication across any device, with collaboration features that include video chat, instant messaging and mobile phone integration.
  • Support for both PRI and SIP interfaces.


In addition to hospital phone services, Spectrum Enterprise provides gigabit Fiber Internet access, HDTV solutions for superior patient and waiting room TV viewing experiences, and managed services for hospital WiFi that help to ensure connectivity for clinicians, staff and patients.

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