The promise of digital technology to genuinely improve human lives has accelerated in unimaginable ways.

Enterprises collaborate seamlessly across numerous locations and schools connect their students with insights from around the world. Healthcare providers deliver patient care over digital connections. And connectivity is so intertwined that we take it for granted, turning wonders into daily expectations. There is an optimism that is exciting and awe-inspiring. Digital technology promises to make a meaningful impact on humanity.

We live in a remarkable time. The era of digital possibility and human progress.

Digital is the new demand.

Innovation is mainstream.

From the classroom to the boardroom, digital technologies are now a part of our daily DNA. Businesses are re-inventing traditional business models, healthcare providers are transforming rural care and universities are competing to provide world-class digital campuses. With unlimited possibility, technologies that were once seen as innovative are now mainstream. From the cloud to the Internet of Things, digital technologies create better experiences, reduce costs and drive the speed of business. No doubt about it, digital is here to stay.

93% of educators believe video increases students’ learning experience.

Source: The State of Video Education in 2017: A Kaltura Report

Transformation at digital speed.

While the potential is great, the pressure to transform faster is real. More streaming video, smart devices and cloud-based applications means a growing demand for bandwidth and evolving security needs. So, while the pressure to transform is real, so are the demands on your digital infrastructure. And when it matters most, your infrastructure can’t just keep pace, it must outperform. Your progress begins and depends on the strength of a powerful digital infrastructure.

Companies that digitally transform have 40% greater client satisfaction and get to market 33% faster.

Source: Coleman Parkes Research
– “Keeping Score: Why Digital Transformation Matters”

Access to a network of progress.

At Spectrum Enterprise, we believe that technology can open opportunity for every enterprise and organization. When we’re all connected, we all prosper. That’s why we’re committed to delivering our wholly owned and dedicated fiber network and infrastructure solutions to large enterprises and mid-sized organizations nationwide with greater access and affordability. As the third largest provider of fiber-lit buildings in the U.S. we believe that every additional fiber-lit building, city and enterprise we connect lays the foundation to a network of human progress. With operations in 32 metropolitan areas across 41 states, we provide competitively priced access to our fiber network and IT infrastructure solutions and managed services to bring digital possibility to our clients today and into the future.

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Expectations have changed.

Connect experience to expectation.

If you’re in business today, you know that connecting experience to expectation is key. From patient portals and university apps to hotel Wi-Fi and in-seat concession ordering, every patient, student, guest and fan expects a better experience. One that is seamless across your office, call center and website. Whether a client or an employee, collaborating and connecting from work, from the field or on campus is the new normal. And that’s why your digital infrastructure is so important.

94% of people cite Wi-Fi as the most important hotel amenity.

Source: Comm-Works

Embrace a borderless world.

Whether you’re in charge of your business or your IT infrastructure, keeping up with expectations is a tall order. Network lines are rapidly blurring presenting both new opportunities and unforeseen challenges. For most organizations, managing security threats and keeping pace with new technology and expectations isn’t easy. And knowing when to make a change across your business can be a challenge to your long term strategy and daily operations.

One-third of data will be IoT‑generated data within three years.

Source: Cisco Global Cloud Index:
Forecast and Methodology, 2015–2020

Empowered by knowledge and choice.

The reach and utility of your technology depends on the expertise of how it’s applied. Your network and IT investments should support your strategic objectives, ensuring optimal choice, value, control and return on your digital investment. Spectrum Enterprise experts empower your organization with greater insight and understanding of how our digital infrastructure can help you. With hundreds of MEF and IT certified experts, we work with clients to identify, design, implement and manage our full range of fiber-based network, cloud and IT infrastructure solutions and managed services.

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The stakes are high.

Every connection matters.

For any enterprise, even minor connection problems represent real costs in terms of productivity, client satisfaction, profitability and more. This not only means your network is the way you deliver on your promises, it also means that your network is literally your business.

IT downtime costs North American businesses $700 billion annually.

Source: IHS

Uncertainty is the enemy.

When that video conference goes horribly wrong or the last few megabytes of a mission-critical file can’t make it across the network in time, the file doesn’t get the blame. IT does. This means uncertainty is now your biggest enemy. You need to be sure of your network’s capabilities today so you can think bigger tomorrow. To do so, you need the support and guarantee that your digital foundation can secure and accelerate your growth.

Every year, traffic between data centers increases 29%.

Source: Cisco Global Cloud Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2015–2020

Confidence to deliver on your business promises.

To grow, you need to execute with the confidence that your technology can deliver on your business objectives today and capture opportunities when the time is right. With Spectrum Enterprise, you get the confidence that comes from end-to-end service-level agreements (SLAs) guaranteeing 99.99% availability with four-hour time to restore time. Our entirely U.S.-based team of MEF-certified experts proactively monitor and staff our network operations center (NOC) 24/7/365 and answer your calls in under a minute. With over twenty years’ experience delivering managed services to large enterprise, we give our clients the confidence to pursue their next big business opportunity knowing that their network will take them where they need to go.

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