10 Things You Need to Know About Deploying Microsoft® Office 365

Microsoft® Office 365 is a top choice for enterprises that want a cloud-based suite of productivity/ collaboration applications. With Office 365, you get access to Microsoft® Office solutions practically anytime, anywhere, on virtually any device. It’s a great option for current Microsoft® users who can now build on their experience with Microsoft® solutions while enjoying the flexibility of a cloud-based delivery. But even organizations with no previous investment in Microsoft® will find that Office 365 has a lot to offer in terms of comprehensiveness, security, support for “hybrid” implementations and more. Before making the move to Office 365, every organization needs to carefully evaluate what’s involved for a successful deployment. 

Here are ten things to consider about Office 365, as well as the role that a managed services/cloud provider such as Navisite (Navisite is an affiliate of Spectrum Enterprise) can play in helping you address these concerns.

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