Find the Right Voice Solution with the SIP+ Trunking Advisor

February 2015


Did you know that SIP Trunking deployment is forecasted to grow to over 75% of North American businesses, based on a recent survey*? It is replacing costlier and less flexible voice solutions at an ever-growing rate.

SIP Trunking supports the move to an all-IP network and delivers other benefits, including:

  • Cost savings that can be achieved within the first few months of switching to SIP trunks.
  • Scalability, flexibility and faster provisioning to deliver the call capacity you need.

  • Improved reliability and support for alternate routing and disaster recovery plans.
  • Enhanced collaboration and responsiveness via unified communication.

Prepare your business for the future. Try our SIP+ Trunking Advisor, an interactive web tool that includes an eight question quiz that will educate you about SIP features, benefits and tradeoffs with PRI and other solutions.


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Source: Infonetics Research, 2014 SIP Trunking and eSBC Strategies: North American Enterprise Survey

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