A Fiber Network Helps Hidalgo County Meet Needs Growing Faster than Revenue



"We’ve had to make operational cuts. The TWCBC (TWCBC is now Spectrum Enterprise) solution has been instrumental in (1) being able to continue to provide the services we have, (2) do it better, (3) expand."


                                                                                – Renán Ramirez, CIO for Hidalgo County



Hidalgo is one of the largest counties in Texas. Demand for the connectivity of county clinics and correctional facilities has soared, but revenues have not. With service to citizens on the line, County CIO Renán Ramirez innovates constantly to keep information flowing and empower thousands of Hidalgo employees to work even more productively. He credits Spectrum Enterprise with helping the county maintain existing services and offer new services despite the tight budget framework.

A network built to scale as challenges arise

Today, a fiber Spectrum Enterprise network connects 43 locations, to deliver high-quality voice and data services offering faster connectivity that improve manpower and public safety while providing the flexibility to increase bandwidth as demand for services continues to grow.

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