Collaborate Seamlessly with Unified Communications


Employees use texting, emailing, video conferencing in conjunction with traditional voice communications for instant collaboration. See how Unified Communications makes that possible.


Not all unified communication solutions are equal. In today's business environment, the nature of communication and collaboration has changed. People expect more from their office communications.

The versatility of texting, emailing, video conferencing, and traditional voice communications combined with the freedom of switching between office and personal devices. Unified communications brings it all together. This user-friendly virtual communication service frees up IT resources and allows teams to simplify, connect, and collaborate seamlessly.

Here are some key considerations to keep in mind when evaluating your options. Do you have the internal resources needed to deploy your own solution? If not, when looking for a service provider, take a look at your budget first.

Then think about what the total cost of ownership would be, including upfront capital and ongoing operational costs. Consider what skills are required for the implementation phase and ongoing management of the solution and technology.

Be sure to also keep security in mind. Security, reliability, and performance should be the key pillars of any solution that you're reviewing.

Lastly and most importantly is the level of support needed to ensure your end users are comfortable using the technology.

What level of training might be required for a busy receptionist, a call center supervisor, or an administrator to manage the solution?

All these factors should be considered when looking at service providers. Spectrum Enterprise voice solutions cover the full array of services that are available today. For those clients looking for a managed solution, we offer unified communications.

Unified communications is broken into three categories, including unified voice, unified communications, and unified call center services.

Our unified communication solutions offer a full range of features to ensure our clients have access to the latest technology today and into the future. The technology is unified and managed by Spectrum Enterprise and includes everything needed, from design, implementation, training, to ongoing support.

In each of the solutions: unified voice, unified communications, and unified call center, we offer three flexible options: business, mobility, and premium.

A business option with essential phone features is great for stationary office users who need access to a standard phone system. It includes features such as high-definition voice quality, voicemail with email delivery, and call forwarding.

Our cost-effective mobility solutions enhance the productivity of remote workers. Cloud-based voicemail with email delivery and the use of personal devices help integrate mobile employees into the office environment. Mobility solutions provide access to a remote portal that's accessible anywhere with an internet connection and downloadable to personal devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

For unified communications, the mobility solution allows users to communicate with voice and video. Lastly, we offer a premium option, which combines features from the business and mobility packs with new features, such as the ability to seamlessly transfer between mobile and desk phones.

Not all unified communication solutions are equal. Spectrum Enterprise offers a powerful service-level agreement with the addition of desktop support for your IP phones and applications. The service is fully managed and includes 24/7 365 support for IT departments and end users, and provides specialized voice support from desktop phones using *611.

Lastly, training is customized for the unique needs of your organization. We cover all users with our training, whether it's a busy service representative answering hundreds of calls per day, a call center supervisor who needs to run robust reports, or a business user who's simply looking to maximize their productivity by using unified communications.



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