The evasive ‘speed’ of your Internet


Your 10 gig Internet connectivity from Spectrum Enterprise or any other provider may never equal 10 gigs of throughput. In this white paper, we explain why this is so, starting with defining the three factors that determine your Internet connectivity: bandwidth, speed and throughput.

When you buy 10 gigs from Spectrum Enterprise, we deliver a bandwidth connection of 10 Gbps between your office and our core network, which we proactively monitor to ensure you get the bandwidth you expect. Yet our service (as with any other provider’s service) is only one link in a much larger chain that includes your internal network, our network and the Internet. The throughput you receive is determined by the performance of the overall system.

The system relies on countless factors to transmit data—from the processing speed of the computer being used to the protocol of the transmission, to IP packet overhead, even to miles traveled. Bottlenecks arise when routes through the Internet incur obstacles, overhead and/or latency. For example, a 10 Gbps connection won’t be realized if your Ethernet hardware can’t push data that quickly, or an older router isn’t set up to supply the amount of bandwidth your connection can provide.

In this white paper, learn how to ensure you’re getting what you pay for when it comes to Internet connectivity.


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