Advanced technology helps Higher Ed elevate learning

With the most technology-savvy students in history, higher education institutions are under mounting pressure to elevate both students and their campus networks. The average college student uses bandwidth-hungry laptops, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and MP3 players constantly, for life and learning. A majority of institutions employ bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, encouraging students to connect their gadgets to campus networks. Today’s students cite the quality of campus technology as a major factor in enrollment.

To meet the needs of these “digital natives,” fast and reliable Internet access throughout campus is fundamental. Keeping students connected anytime, anywhere—residences, campus common areas, academic and administrative spaces, and dining facilities—is essential.

Education institutions are constantly challenged to ensure 24/7 network availability. 



The explosion of online education options, as a supplement or replacement for classroom learning, is also driving a need for stellar connectivity and high-capacity bandwidth. Many students are blending or complementing classroom studies with video learning, online content, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), e-textbooks, and digital content downloads.

Spectrum Enterprise provides fast, reliable fiber that supports both digital learning and blended, and scalable bandwidth to ensure you can meet your digital education needs far into the future. Strong service level agreements and local, dedicated account service and support give staff, faculty, students, and visitors everything they need to easily share and learn, anywhere, anytime.



Full Case Study: Enabling Innovation and Advancing Learning in Higher Education

Higher Ed benefits with smart network technology

Anytime, anywhere access to digital and blended education

Support students and teachers with anytime, anywhere access to advanced digital connectivity. Fast, reliable fiber supports online learning, MOOCs, video-enhanced learning, and more.

Scalable bandwidth, today and tomorrow

Easily adjust bandwidth as your needs change. Our scalable, advanced network ensures you can meet growing bandwidth needs, today and tomorrow.

Connected students, educators, and visitors

Keep students, educators, administrators, and visitors completely connected. Reliable, responsive, resilient connectivity gives quick, easy access to the Internet, for life and learning.

Strong service level agreements (SLAs)

Ensure your data is protected by strong service level agreements (SLAs). Our SLAs set performance benchmarks for reliability and responsiveness for repair and restoration.