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Broadcast TV Surcharge

Q. Why is there a Broadcast TV Surcharge included on my invoice now?
A. Spectrum Business has included a separate line item for Broadcast TV surcharges at a rate of $3.75. In the past, this item was included in our overall package increases; however, due to significant increases broadcasters charge Spectrum Business has created a new line item.

Q. Why can broadcast TV stations charge to carry their signals?
A. Currently, Broadcast TV stations are allowed to charge cable companies for their signal even though the signals are available free over the air with public airwaves granted to them by the federal government. A lot has changed in the industry since the 1992 Cable Act and Spectrum Business believes the current laws are outdated. We are encouraged that both Democrats and Republicans in Washington recognize the escalating harm to consumers and have proposed legislation that would update the laws.

Q. Why has this become an issue in recent years?
A. In the past, local broadcaster’s signals were available to Spectrum Business at no or low cost, and they made the majority of their money through advertising. However, in recent years, broadcasters realized they could make much more money by charging cable companies, including Spectrum Business, significant amounts to carry their TV signals.

Q. Will I see this on my residential bill?
A. Yes, there is a separate line item included in residential invoices for Broadcast TV Surcharge, however these rates are different for residential. For more assistance on your residential, please click here.

Thank you for your feedback
Thank you for your feedback