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Is IPv6 available with Fiber Internet Access?

The Fiber Internet Access service offered by Spectrum Enterprise supports both IPv4 and IPv6 addressing. Each Spectrum Enterprise IP node consists of a full Internet routing table to ensure consistent and up to date IP destinations. With the full Internet routing table present at the first Layer3 hop outside the client’s network, the client is provided with the most efficient and accurate routing path to any and all destinations on the public Internet. Furthermore, the directly connected Layer3 router is fully redundant in terms of power, control plane, and core network uplink.

Spectrum Enterprise’s Fiber Internet Access service provides bi-directional, full duplex transmission of Ethernet frames using standard IEEE 802.3 Ethernet interfaces. The CIR is defined as the average bandwidth subscription rate available in megabits per second (Mbps) up to which service frames may be delivered. Spectrum Enterprise’s Ethernet service supports bandwidth subscription rates starting at 10Mbps and increasing at 5Mbps increments up to 4Gbps. 10Gbps is considered on an individual case basis (ICB).

Spectrum Enterprise’s Fiber Internet Access service supports a Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) packet size of 1500 bytes to support untagged packet sizes. All traffic will traverse the Spectrum Enterprise network infrastructure to the farthest point until it is required to be handed off to another Internet Service Provider.

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Thank you for your feedback