How do I change my Email password?

Important Note: The instructions listed below are intended for Spectrum Business clients who were issued Residential '' Road Runner domain e-mail accounts only. For all other Spectrum Business email clients, please refer to the E-mail & DNS Administrative User Guide for steps on how to use the DNS and E-mail Administrative Interface tool.

Changing or Resetting your Password:

1. Visit the Password Reset Tool for assistance.

2. If you know your password, select I know my e-mail password and I want to change it. You will be directed to the Account Management Page, where you will be able to change your password.

If you do not know your password, select I don't know my e-mail password. You will be prompted to enter your email address.

3. Enter your e-mail address in the E-mail Address field and click the Submit button.

4. If you have not been to the site before, you will be prompted for your Cable Modem ID.  

5. If you have used the Password Reset Tool before and set a security question, see the Repeat Visitor section below.

6. Enter your Cable Modem ID in the Modem ID field and click Submit.

7. You will be asked to select a Security Verification Question and provide an answer for your selected Security Question. This answer will be used to verify your identity in the future for password retrieval.

8. Once you have entered your Security Question and Answer, click the Reset Password button. Your password will be reset and display a random 8-digit number.


Repeat Visitor:

1. If this isn't your first visit and you had previously set up a security question, you will be prompted to enter an Answer to the Security Verification Question from your prior visit. 

Note: It is important that you enter the answer in the same upper/lower case characters that you used when you first set up your Security Question/Answer. An exact match is required.

2. Once you have entered your answer in the Answer field, click the Reset Password button. 

3. Your password will be reset and display as a random 8-digit number.