Business communication

Voice solutions are critical to business communication.

While email is the technology of choice for routine matters, voice technology is still the heart of business communication. From call support centers to telephone conferencing, employees and customers alike rely on business phone service and voice technologies for business communication that really matters.

As the workforce becomes more mobile and conversations more often take place digitally rather than in person, your choice of voice technology can help to improve productivity, ensure seamless connections and enable flexible business communication.

When selecting business communication solutions that deliver superior quality and collaboration features, more leading enterprises today turn to cost-efficient technology from Spectrum Enterprise.

Business communication technology from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise is a national provider of scalable fiber-based technology for voice, video, Internet and other business communication services. At a time when success often depends on the quality of business technology, Spectrum Enterprise is helping organizations overcome technological limitations, integrate mission-critical solutions and drive innovation and competitiveness.

Spectrum Enterprise business communication technology for voice includes elastic solutions that adapt as the business grows. Pricing is simple and cost-effective, with no hidden costs for long-distance service. And support is delivered through 24/7 monitoring backed by industry-leading SLAs, with visibility and control provided on one pane of glass.

Our premise-based voice solutions for business communication include:

  • A PRI interface that can be managed with an existing PRI-compatible phone system, scaling easily as needed to increase productivity.

  • A SIP interface that can scale across multiple configurations with a reliable and easy-to-manage solution that’s compatible with more than 60 different IP PBX systems.

Services include options for VOIP in Los Angeles and VOIP in New York City as well as many other metropolitan areas throughout the country.

Additional Spectrum Enterprise business communication solutions.

Spectrum Enterprise offers additional business communication solutions that can help to increase productivity and reduce costs.

  • Hosted Voice is a fully managed service that helps to simplify business communication, providing superior voice quality and administering services through a cloud-based PBX delivered across a robust fiber network.

  • Unified Communications provide a solution for business communication in a borderless work environment, with technology for instant messaging and presence, video calling, desktop sharing and web collaboration.

  • Hosted Call Center is a cloud-based solution that supports both informal and complex call-center requirements and can scale to meet evolving needs. Hosted Call Center provides all the equipment, software and service, enabling enterprises to avoid burdensome startup costs.

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