Business VoIP

Business VoIP technology is revolutionizing telecommunications.

Business VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is providing enterprises everywhere with powerful solutions to improve communication and collaboration. With a VoIP trunk, organizations can provide workers with high definition voice services over the Internet, rather than over traditional phone lines. The result is lower costs, greater flexibility and a significant increase in worker productivity. When implementing business VoIP solutions, most companies today choose a SIP trunking solution to connect their IP PBX to the Public Switch to Telephone Network (PSTN).

What is a SIP trunk? Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a standard for connecting two end points over an IP-based network. A SIP service enables business VoIP connections to the company LAN, turning standard office telephone extensions into virtual telephones. A SIP trunk allows business VoIP communication over laptops, smartphones, tablets and desktops, enabling workers to receive calls and send messages from any location at any time.

The benefits of business VoIP technology.

Business VoIP solutions provide voice services at a significantly lower cost than traditional phone service. With no traditional phone lines to install or maintain, organizations can save on management, maintenance and upgrades. And calling costs are significantly lower with business VoIP technology as well.

One of the most significant benefits of business VoIP is the Unified Communications it enables. With business VoIP solutions, workers can take advantage of a wide range of technologies for communication, from audio/web/videoconferencing to simultaneous ring (find me/follow me), desktop sharing, fixed-mobile convergence, presence information and unified messaging.

When choosing a business VoIP provider, the quality of network is key. The best providers offer business VoIP over a privately-owned network, avoiding the need to send communications over the public Internet. For a growing number of America’s largest businesses, Spectrum Enterprise is the business VoIP provider of choice.

Business VoIP services from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise provides fiber-based technology for Internet, voice, video, cloud and managed network services. Our SIP Trunking solution offers business VoIP connectivity over our wholly-owned and highly secure fiber network. Dedicated voice bandwidth prevents data services from competing for bandwidth with voice services. SIP Trunking is sold in small increments of call paths, enabling businesses to adopt a highly scalable, cost-efficient alternative to traditional voices solutions. And by delivering VoIP communications over our fiber network backed by highly competitive service level agreements and 24x7 proactive monitoring, we provide the kind of reliability and redundancy that organizations require to be competitive.

In addition to SIP trunking, we offer a PRI phone interface that can be managed with an existing PRI compatible phone system.

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