Business Wifi

Business WiFi is the future of connectivity.

Business WiFi is quickly becoming the primary way that users connect to the Internet.

This transformation – from wired to wireless – is driven by several factors. The Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) trend means more employees are using their own devices to get work done, and connecting through enterprise wifi vastly simplifies the task of providing access to a myriad of different devices. Users are also increasingly mobile – from sales teams in the field and sales associates on the retail floor to healthcare providers at the patient bedside and students in the classroom, business WiFi provides users with the flexibility they need to be productive away from the traditional desk.

While the rise of business WiFi provides users with new opportunities, it creates new challenges for IT teams. Wireless security is a serious issue, and can often be the weakest link in security infrastructure. WiFi for business creates new compliance headaches in fields that are heavily regulated. And authenticating multiple users and managing devices that continue to grow in number and sophistication can easily overwhelm an IT department.

That’s why, when seeking to provide superior business WiFi access throughout the enterprise, more IT teams are turning to Managed Wifi solutions from Spectrum Enterprise.

Managed business WiFi solutions from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise is a national provider of fiber-based IT solutions that help to solve technical challenges, scale to meet business requirements and provide a competitive edge. Our offerings include fiber optic Internet, voice solutions, hospitality TV cloud services, unified communications solutions and managed network services.

Spectrum Enterprise Managed WiFi provides a fully managed, turnkey solution for seamless access to business WiFi anywhere throughout a property, with both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz support. Spectrum Enterprise provides installation, service and support at a low and predictable monthly price, with online tools for comprehensive management and monitoring of performance, network health and bandwidth utilization. The Spectrum Internet team provides end-to-end management with RF survey, design, installation and training as well as monitoring, equipment replacement and an end-user help desk.

Benefits of Spectrum Enterprise business WiFi technology.

With managed business WiFi services from Spectrum Enterprise, you can:

  • Improve business WiFi access throughout the enterprise, with speeds from 5 Mbps up to 10 Gbps.
  • Save money and budget more easily with a solution that lets you avoid capital expense and enjoy a predictable monthly cost.
  • Manage risk and future-proof your business WiFi service in the hands of Spectrum Enterprise experts.
  • Enable your IT teams to focus on revenue-generating initiatives.

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