BYOD in Schools

Providing BYOD in schools requires powerful Internet solutions.

To support the digital classroom and attract tech-savvy prospective students, colleges and universities are increasingly focused on bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives that enable students to access the Internet with their own laptops, smart phones and tablets. But providing BYOD in schools presents a number of distinct challenges that IT teams in educational institutions must address in order to deliver ubiquitous and continuous access to the Internet for college students.

BYOD in schools can cause a significant drain on campus bandwidth. The average student owns more than five connected devices, using them more than 137 hours per week. Initiatives for BYOD in schools will inevitably be competing with bandwidth demands from rich media in the digital classroom, remote collaboration tools involved in online distance learning, and streaming technology that delivers high-definition college cable services for TV viewing in dorm rooms, common areas, classrooms and libraries.

To ensure sufficient access and quality, colleges and universities need high-speed Internet solutions that can ensure the bandwidth required to support state-of-the-art educational technology as well as BYOD in schools while continuing to provide college students with internet access.

Empowering BYOD in schools with Spectrum Enterprise

Spectrum Enterprise provides fiber-based solutions for Internet, TV, voice and cloud services to businesses, governments and educational institutions throughout the country. Providing high-performing, dedicated Internet connections over a wholly owned fiber network, Spectrum Enterprise delivers Internet access with the speed and bandwidth required for BYOD in schools. Dedicated, high-performance connections help to power data-intensive, cloud-based educational technology, while stringent SLAs ensure guaranteed availability by covering the connection to on-premises equipment as well as the entire Spectrum Enterprise network.

When enabling BYOD in schools with Spectrum Enterprise, educational institutions can scale bandwidth easily from 25 Mbps to 10 Gbps, with symmetric upload and download speeds. Delivering anytime, anywhere connectivity with access to university resources services and applications, Spectrum Enterprise enables higher education institutions to support digital learning and blended classrooms, providing students, faculty, staff and visitors with everything they need to easily learn and collaborate.

Spectrum Enterprise advantages for BYOD in schools.

By relying on Spectrum Enterprise fiber Internet for BYOD in schools, educational institutions can:

  • Give students and educators reliable and fast access to learning resources on a powerful fiber network infrastructure.
  • Scale easily to meet bandwidth demands today and tomorrow.
  • Reduce the burden on IT teams with managed WiFi and managed router services.
  • Increase student and teacher success with technology-empowered, 21st-century digital classrooms and cloud-rich educational technology.


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