College Cable Services

Enhancing student experiences with better college cable services

From dorm room TV to rich media for classrooms and libraries, college cable services can play a significant role in helping to improve the student experience.

Higher education institutions are seeking every advantage when it comes to attracting students and increasing enrollment. With today’s highly tech-savvy student population, providing a superior university TV viewing experience is a must for institutions seeking to be more competitive.

The vast majority of college students own a smart phone and laptop, and more than 90 percent subscribe to a video, music or media service. These collegians have grown up in the age of video, and they expect a superior viewing experience no matter where they choose to watch. Colleges and universities that can meet these expectations with college cable services can better deliver the kind of viewing experiences that keeps enrolled students happy and prospective students interested.

Improve college cable services with Spectrum Enterprise

Spectrum Enterprise offers fiber-based college cable services that deliver a rich, high definition viewing experience across classrooms, resource centers, campus common areas and dorm TV. Providing “just like home” connectivity, Spectrum Enterprise helps to increase student satisfaction and success with centralized, distributed and mobile school TV viewing options.

Spectrum Enterprise provides college cable services with flexible HDTV solutions in packages that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any educational institution. A local account team with extensive HDTV expertise provides 24/7/365 support, and support for legacy devices such as fitness room screens and exercise equipment is included in Spectrum Enterprise college cable services.

With Spectrum Enterprise, colleges and universities can:

  • Delight students and impress prospective students with a wide variety of high-definition viewing options, including more than 200 popular HD channels like CNN, ESPN, Comedy Central and MTV, as well as a variety of premium channels.
  • Include campus-specific programming such as digital bulletin boards that provide announcements about upcoming activities.
  • Easily manage college cable services through centralized control of the student viewing experience.


More choices in college cable services

College cable services from Spectrum Enterprise include:

  • SpectrumU, an app for iOS and Android devices that lets students stream live television to their personal devices, watching more than 100 channels over the institution’s WiFi network.
  • Distributed boxes that offer a home-like viewing experience, featuring access to more than 100 HD channels and thousands of free on-demand programs.
  • Centralized TV delivered on fiber and distributed to TVs that connect directly to a cable wall outlet, with centralized management that reduces administrative burden and eliminates the need for set boxes.


Spectrum Enterprise also provides fiber-based Internet for college students that meets and exceeds expectations for speed, bandwidth and connectivity.


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