Dedicated Internet access

Improve connectivity with dedicated Internet access.

Dedicated Internet access for the enterprise (enterprise DIA) has become a critical IT component for organizations seeking new ways to improve productivity and gain a competitive edge.

Dedicated Internet access ensures an Internet Service is providing a minimum amount of bandwidth. Rather than a “best effort” service, where an Internet provider oversubscribes the amount of bandwidth sold and assumes that not every customer will need maximum bandwidth at every moment of the day, dedicated Internet access reserves a specific amount of bandwidth that is dedicated for use by one customer. The result is high speed Internet service with consistent speed and bandwidth, even during peak traffic hours.

Dedicated Internet access provides cloud applications with the speed and bandwidth they require to run efficiently. It means users can spend less time waiting for files to upload or download, and ensures that timely data is being delivered without delay to employees making critical business decisions.

When choosing a provider for dedicated Internet access, the key is selecting a partner with a robust fiber network and comprehensive fiber services. That’s exactly what you get with Spectrum Enterprise.

Dedicated Internet access from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise is a national provider of flexible, fiber technology that scales easily to provide America’s largest businesses with greater flexibility and agility. Combining gigabit Internet services and dedicated Internet access with fiber solutions for voice, video and managed network services, we help organizations overcome technology limitations to drive productivity and achieve success.

At Spectrum Enterprise, dedicated Internet access is provided through our Fiber Internet Access service,which delivers continuous and protected connectivity between the Internet and the enterprise LAN. Running on our wholly owned and redundant national fiber network, our fiber Internet services deliver dedicated Internet access with upload speeds as fast as downloads to help ensure performance and maximize productivity. Speeds from 25 Mbps up to 10 Gbps enable consistent connectivity at any time of the day.

Advantages of Spectrum Enterprise dedicated Internet access.

With dedicated Internet access from Spectrum Enterprise, organizations can:

  • Achieve performance objectives with dependable connectivity from a fiber-optic network.
  • Ensure that users and applications have the speed and bandwidth they need to perform at optimal levels.
  • Enhance network performance with highly competitive SLAs and proactive monitoring by a U.S.-based enterprise NOC.

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