Digital Classroom

Powering the digital classroom with high-speed Internet.

Educational technology today increasingly relies on connectivity, making high-speed Internet services a critical component of the digital classroom. From perusing digital content and e-textbooks to performing Internet research and viewing video, students expect their educational experience to be highly connected and for data, services and media to be constantly available.

Internet bandwidth and speed are key to a successful digital classroom. Initiatives for BYOD in schools means students are using bandwidth-hungry laptops, tablets, smartphones and other devices to connect with content, to collaborate with classmates and to accelerate the pace of learning. The use of rich media and large data sets places additional bandwidth demands on campus networks, while remote and online distance learning require even more bandwidth for web, video and audio conferencing technologies.

To support the digital classroom, colleges and universities must provide Internet for college students that enables anywhere, anytime access, with highly scalable, dedicated bandwidth. That’s where Spectrum Enterprise can offer true value.

Connecting the digital classroom with Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise is a national provider of fiber-based services for voice, video, cloud and Internet access for many of the nation’s largest organizations. Businesses, governments and educational institutions rely on Spectrum Enterprise for fiber solutions that deliver the bandwidth and support required to keep colleagues, customers and partners connected at all times.

As a highly reliable partner to colleges and universities throughout the country, we provide services for the digital classroom that enable institutions to:

  • Improve educational effectiveness with connectivity solutions that make digital content easily, quickly and readily available.
  • Personalize online learning in the digital classroom with delivery of course content outside of brick-and-mortar lecture halls.
  • Provide ubiquitous mobility across campus, including classrooms, libraries, lecture halls, dormitories, common areas and meeting spaces.
  • Enhance the student experience with internet access, high-definition dorm TV, and BYOD initiatives that meet the expectations of exceptionally connected student populations.


Spectrum Enterprise services for the digital classroom.

To support the digital classroom, Spectrum Enterprise offers:

  • Fiber Internet access with dedicated, high-performance connectivity and bandwidth that can scale from 25 Mbps to 10 Gbps as needed.
  • Managed WiFi services that help colleges and universities deliver seamless and consistent WiFi connections across campus while reducing administrative burden on IT teams for managing and supporting WiFi service.
  • HDTV services for dorm rooms, common areas, libraries and the digital classroom that offer access to a wide range of channels and a superior viewing experience.


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