Dorm TV

Improve the student experience with better dorm TV

As colleges and universities compete to win and retain students, they can impress prospective students with a commitment to state-of-the-art connectivity and educational technology, and help to enhance the student experience, by providing superior dorm TV technology.

Today’s student body is extremely savvy when it comes to video and technology; they expect dorm TV viewing experiences to meet or exceed the quality of their TV options at home. Whether on standard TVs or on smart phones and mobile devices, students want access to their favorite programs for entertainment and educational purposes. But as colleges and universities face budgetary constraints, it can be difficult to meet student expectations for quality dorm room TV.

To help higher ed institutions deliver on student demand for superior dorm TV experiences, Spectrum Enterprise offers fiber-based services for centralized, distributed and mobile video capabilities.

Dorm TV services from Spectrum Enterprise

Spectrum Enterprise is a leader in fiber-based technologies for America’s largest institutions. In addition to services that can deliver Internet access to college students, we offer flexible, high-quality HDTV services that can be customized for the requirements of any educational institution. From classrooms and resource centers to campus common area and dorm TV, our fiber TV offerings provide a rich viewing experience with access to hundreds of popular channels and on-demand programming.

Our offerings for dorm TV include:

  • SpectrumU. This solution provides dorm TV service via an app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, enabling students to stream programming from more than 100 channels when connected to campus WiFi.
  • Distributed boxes. Using an unobtrusive set-back box, this dorm TV service offers a home-like viewing experience with access to more than 100 HD channels and thousands of free on-demand programs. Viewers can pause live TV or use an interactive program guide to find their favorite shows.
  • Centralized TV. This fiber-based dorm TV solution provides programming via TVs connected directly to a cable wall outlet, limiting the need to purchase and manage set boxes.


Advantages of Spectrum Enterprise dorm TV technology

With dorm TV services from Spectrum Enterprise, educational institutions can:

  • Provide students, staff and faculty with university TV services for the dorm, campus common areas, the classroom and research settings
  • Simplify management of dorm TV and college cable services
  • Receive support 24/7/365 from a team of experienced HDTV specialists
  • Minimize the cost and administrative burden of providing school TV offerings


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