Educational Technology

Powering educational technology with high-speed Internet service.

From the digital classroom to online distance learning, educational technology today is increasingly reliant on high-speed, high-bandwidth Internet service.

Today’s students are among the most connected in history, placing incredible pressure on colleges and universities to implement educational technology that can meet the demands of these technology-savvy consumers. Studies show that the average college student owns more than five connected devices and uses them more than 130 hours per week for entertainment and educational purposes, placing heavy loads on campus networks. Students expect WiFi to be constantly available everywhere on campus, and want to access rich media services anywhere, anytime and on any device. Students are also compiling, manipulating and sharing large data sets and files, and want access to real-time technology such as web and videoconferencing to collaborate with fellow students across campus and around the world.

To deliver a high-quality education, enhance student life experiences and offer superior online and distance learning programs, colleges and universities must support educational technology with solutions that deliver higher bandwidth, greater connectivity and faster Internet speeds. That’s where Spectrum Enterprise can provide extraordinary value.

Services for educational technology from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise offers fiber-based solutions for Internet, video, voice and cloud services to businesses, government agencies and educational institutions throughout the nation.

As a national provider of fiber Internet services to colleges and universities, Spectrum Enterprise enables educational institutions large and small to implement educational technology to equip teachers, empower students and seamlessly help staff, students and faculty collaborate and connect.

Our services for educational technology include:

  • High-speed Fiber Internet Access. With dedicated high-performance connectivity for data-intensive applications, we provide Internet for college students with bandwidth that can scale easily from 25 Mbps to 10 Gbps as needed.
  • Managed WiFi services. We enable institutions to provide seamless access to WiFi across the campus, supporting BYOD in schools and meeting student demands for anytime, anywhere access.
  • University TV services for dorm rooms, common areas, classrooms and libraries, with high-definition viewing experiences that provide “just like home” connectivity.


Advantages of Spectrum Enterprise for educational technology.

By supporting educational technology with Spectrum Enterprise solutions and services, higher education institutions can:

  • Ensure the bandwidth required to power online classes, digital content, learning management systems and bring-your-own-device initiatives.
  • Enable students to access the Internet anytime, anywhere to keep laptops, smart phones, tablets and other educational technology constantly connected for entertainment and learning.
  • Minimize the burden on college and university IT teams by relying on support from a local, dedicated account service team and SLAs that guarantee availability.


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