ELAN Service

Boost connectivity with an ELAN service.

For businesses that require multipoint-to-multipoint connectivity, an Ethernet Virtual Private LAN or ELAN service may be the most effective and cost-efficient solution.

In an ELAN service, multiple locations in a business are connected to other locations through copper or fiber optic Ethernet cables. ELAN service enables any-to-any communication among all locations associated with the business’s Ethernet virtual connections. ELAN service is ideal for businesses that want to create transparent wide-area network (WAN) extensions of their local-area network (LAN) architecture.

When choosing a provider for business Ethernet solutions, many of America’s largest companies turn to Ethernet services from Spectrum Enterprise.

ELAN service options from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise provides scalable, fiber technology and a wholly owned fiber network that enable enterprises to drive innovation and gain a competitive edge. Our high-capacity Ethernet solutions deliver secure, predictable WAN connectivity, with flexible solutions that can expand easily to new locations and scale bandwidth from 10 Mbps up to 10 Gbps.

Our ELAN service enables any-to-any connectivity for enterprises that need to connect all locations on a single network in a broadly customizable Ethernet solution that combines speed, simplicity, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

ELAN service from Spectrum Enterprise delivers multipoint-to-multipoint connectivity that extends the LAN to a metro or wide-area network to enable
business-critical applications and data to travel seamlessly throughout the
enterprise. With Spectrum Enterprise ELAN service, you can quickly and securely move large amounts of information among multiple sites.

Spectrum Enterprise ELAN service provides:

  • Standards-based service with MEF 2.0 certifications.
  • A single interconnection, with a hub aggregating all data traffic on a single network that links all business locations.
  • Data privacy, with all information traveling within a secure domain of a Layer 2 dedicated, high-capacity point-to-point connection at native Ethernet speeds.
  • Traffic separation, with the ability to maintain discrete pathways after consolidating domains that were previously separate.
  • Reduced costs, thanks to a single handoff that minimizes network equipment and management expenses.

More than ELAN service—additional Ethernet and Internet offerings.

In addition to ELAN service, Spectrum Enterprise provides a wide range of Ethernet and Internet services, including:

  • Ethernet Private Line (EPL)
  • Ethernet Services Portal
  • Fiber Internet Access
  • Managed WiFi services – a turnkey solution for design and management of wireless networks
  • Managed Router Service – a fully managed service for Internet and Ethernet connectivity
  • Wavelengths services for data-intensive transport

Learn more about ELAN service from Spectrum Enterprise, and about the benefits of Ethernet vs. Internet connectivity.


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