Enterprise Video

The power of high-definition enterprise video services.

Enterprise video technology can help organizations successfully connect with customers and employees. Video is everywhere today – in lobbies and waiting rooms, in elevators and on retail floors – and users today expect to be informed and entertained by high-definition video services everywhere they turn. Successful businesses understand that enterprise video can serve business needs by communicating more effectively while meeting user demand for high-quality TV services.

For enterprises that want to reap the benefits of exceptional enterprise video, Spectrum Enterprise offers a suite of customizable enterprise video services to keeping audiences satisfied and engaged.

Enterprise video technology from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise is a national provider of flexible, fiber-based technology and enterprise services for many of the largest businesses in the nation. From high-speed Internet and voice solutions to cloud and network services, we complement our TV solutions with a suite of fiber-based business solutions that help to drive innovation and increase competitiveness.

Our enterprise video offerings include both centralized and distributed video capabilities.

  • Centralized TV services provide enterprise video through direct connection to a cable wall outlet, eliminating the need for set boxes. Centralized enterprise video helps to reduce administration and equipment management burdens.
  • Distributed enterprise video offers a homelike viewing experience where viewers can access thousands of free on-demand programs, using an anti-microbial remote to fast-forward and rewind on-demand programs and to pause live TV. Distributed TV uses compact set boxes managed from an online portal.

Our enterprise video solutions can be tailored for specific locations such as restaurants and lobbies. And service and support are provided by a local account team with extensive expertise in commercial enterprise video technology, providing assistance to define and select the best video options.

Industry-tailored enterprise video solutions.

Our enterprise video packages include solutions that have been tailored for specific industries, including:

  • Enterprise/Government TV. Keep visitors and employees informed and entertained with customized content matched to the requirements of the business, brand and customers.
  • Healthcare TV. Improve patient satisfaction with hospital TV solutions that deliver rich, high-definition viewing experiences.
  • Hospitality TV. Enhance guest experiences and increase customer loyalty with enterprise video solutions that provides a homelike viewing experience.
  • Education/University TV. Increase student satisfaction and success with enterprise video technology in classrooms, libraries, resource centers, dorm rooms and campus common areas.

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