Fiber Internet near me

Fiber Internet near me: a Q&A.

Fiber optic Internet is transforming the way enterprises connect to employees, clients and applications, prompting many business users to ask: “What are the options for fiber Internet near me?”

Here’s a brief Q&A to answer some of the most basic questions about gigabit fiber Internet.

What is fiber optic Internet?
Fiber Internet transmits data via light through fiber optic cables.

How fast is fiber Internet near me?
Fiber speed can range as high as 10 Gbps—10 to 100 times faster than traditional cable—enabling large files to be downloaded in seconds instead of minutes.

How does fiber Internet near me work?
Fiber Internet provides a connection between the enterprise LAN and the Internet. In some cases, enterprises choose a fiber connection with dedicated Internet access, ensuring minimum speeds and bandwidth even during peak traffic hours.

What can I accomplish with fiber Internet near me?
By providing faster speed and greater bandwidth, fiber Internet can optimize data-intensive applications, power cloud-based technology, improve collaboration among remote workers and provide employees with the timely data they need to make better decisions.

What are the other benefits of fiber Internet near me?
Fiber Internet can help to significantly improve enterprise productivity and reduce costs by accelerating communication and collaboration.

Is fiber Internet near me secure?
Because fiber Internet uses light rather than electricity, connections are less prone to malicious theft and interruption, allowing the enterprise to improve data security.

What should I look for in a provider for fiber Internet near me?
Your fiber Internet provider should offer a robust fiber optic network that is backed by competitive service-level agreements (SLAs) and a dedicated enterprise network operations center (NOC) with proactive 24/7 monitoring.

Who is the premier provider of fiber Internet near me?
Spectrum Enterprise is a leading provider of fiber technology, including voice, video and Internet solutions that enable organizations to solve technological challenges, integrate critical solutions and achieve greater business success.

Spectrum Enterprise offers fiber Internet service in 41 states and 32 metropolitan areas throughout the United States, industry-leading SLAs and a U.S.-based enterprise NOC. Built on a wholly owned and redundant fiber network, Spectrum Enterprise fiber Internet delivers connection speeds that scale easily from 25 Mbps to 10 Gbps, with symmetrical connectivity that ensures uploads are as fast as downloads. In addition, Spectrum Enterprise offers managed enterprise WiFi and managed router services that can reduce the burden on IT while improving connectivity and access.

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