Fiber optic Internet in my area

Q&A: fiber optic Internet in my area.

As fiber optic technology changes the way businesses connect to the Internet, many decision makers are wondering: “What are the options for fiber optic Internet in my area?”

Here’s a brief primer on “What is fiber Internet?” And what it can do for you.

What is fiber optic Internet?
Fiber Internet uses fiber optic cable to connect an enterprise local-area network to the Internet.

Is fiber optic Internet in my area better than cable?
Because fiber transmits data using light instead electricity, connection speeds are faster and bandwidth is much higher than traditional cable Internet connections. Fiber can also maintain quality over longer cable hauls.

How fast is fiber optic Internet in my area?
Fiber Internet service may reach speeds as high as 10 Gbps. Large files that once took minutes or hours to download can now be accessed in just seconds.

What are the benefits of fiber optic Internet in my area?
By providing faster speed and greater bandwidth, optic fiber Internet enables enterprises to optimize data-intensive applications and cloud-based technology. Employees get faster access to the data they need for better decision making, and users in remote locations can collaborate more easily and quickly with colleagues throughout the enterprise.

Should I use dedicated access for fiber optic Internet my area?
Enterprises choose dedicated Internet access when they want to ensure optimal connection speeds and bandwidth at any time of day. Traditionally, Internet providers have oversubscribed their bandwidth to businesses, assuming that not every organization will need maximum bandwidth at every moment. For businesses, that means there are times each day when Internet access is slower and bandwidth is limited. With dedicated Internet access, enterprises never need to worry about competing for speed or compromised bandwidth.

Is fiber optic Internet in my area secure?
Fiber cable is inherently more secure than traditional copper wiring. With light-based technology, stealing or interrupting data transmission is much more difficult, enabling enterprises to improve cybersecurity.

How do I compare providers for fiber optic Internet my area?
A fiber optic Internet provider should offer a robust fiber network backed by highly competitive service-level agreements and a dedicated network operations center (NOC). Options for dedicated Internet access are a must, and connection speeds should scale easily to accommodate evolving business requirements.

As a leading provider of fiber technology, Spectrum Enterprise provides fiber Internet service that meets and exceeds these expectations.

Does Spectrum Enterprise provide fiber optic Internet in my area?
At Spectrum Enterprise, we offer a national fiber network with thousands of fiber route miles and fiber-lit buildings in 41 states and 32 metropolitan areas.

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