Fiber optic Internet speed

Fiber optic Internet speed is driving productivity gains.

Fiber optic Internet speed is a game changer in business Internet for enterprises seeking new ways to boost productivity and competitiveness. Fiber optic Internet speed can be as much as 10 to 100 times faster than traditional cable connections, enabling organizations to run cloud applications more efficiently, support remote workers more effectively and deliver faster access to the data employees need to make better decisions.

Fiber optic Internet speed isn’t the only benefit of fiber Internet connections. Because fiber transmits data via light rather than electricity, it can send information over longer distances without degradation of signal. Fiber optic bandwidth is faster and more reliable than cable as well, making fiber a better choice for data-intensive solutions like voice and video. And at a time when cybersecurity is a top priority for IT teams everywhere, fiber provides a more secure connection to the Internet.

When choosing a fiber optic Internet provider, consider the benefits of solutions from Spectrum Enterprise.

Enjoy faster fiber optic Internet speed with Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise combines teams from three former companies: Time Warner Cable Business Class, Bright House Networks Enterprise Solutions and Spectrum Business Enterprise Solutions. In a business environment where companies rely on technology more heavily than ever, our fiber offerings help organizations overcome technology limitations, integrate critical solutions and drive greater competitiveness.

Fiber Internet Access from Spectrum Enterprise delivers symmetrical connectivity for fiber optic Internet speed that ranges from 25 Mbps up to 10 Gbps, with fiber speed for uploads equaling that of downloads. Our fiber Internet connections use dedicated circuits, providing greater reliability and security. And our service is easily scalable, enabling organizations to meet changing business requirements as needed.

To ensure fiber Internet speed, uptime, availability and performance, our fiber network is proactively monitored by a dedicated enterprise NOC based in the U.S. And our industry-leading service-level agreements (SLAs) ensure that organizations can count on optimal network performance and availability for mission-critical operations.

Advantages of fiber optic Internet speed over cable.

With a reliable fiber network and blisteringly fast fiber optic Internet speed, Fiber Internet Access from Spectrum Enterprise enables organizations to:

  • Provide dependable connectivity for business-critical applications to support important performance goals.
  • Deliver consistently fast fiber optic Internet speed, even during peak traffic times.
  • Support business continuity with faster backups and more frequent data replication.

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