Fiber optic Internet

Increase productivity with fiber optic Internet.

In a business world where Internet speed and bandwidth are critical to getting the performance you need from applications and employees, fiber optic Internet can have a significant impact on productivity and business success

What is fiber optic Internet? Fiber optic Internet connects your local-area network (LAN) to the Internet using fiber optic technology instead of traditional copper cable. The result: faster connections, higher bandwidth and improved reliability. With fiber optic Internet, your users have faster access to the data they need to make better decisions and to communicate more easily with colleagues, customers and partners. It allows you to optimize performance of your cloud-based systems, and fully support applications that are highly bandwidth-intensive.

When choosing an optic fiber Internet provider, many of the largest businesses in the United States look to Spectrum Enterprise and its gigabit Internet service with fiber optic Internet speed up to 10 Gbps and the reliability of a dedicated circuit.

Fiber optic Internet services from Spectrum Enterprise.

Combining teams from three former companies—Time Warner Cable Business Class, Bright House Networks Enterprise Solutions and Spectrum Business Enterprise Solutions—Spectrum Enterprise provides fiber solutions that help enterprises solve the challenges of technology to achieve business success.

Fiber Internet Access from Spectrum Enterprise offers high-bandwidth, full-time dedicated connectivity, running on our wholly owned and redundant national fiber network. Flexible plans deliver speeds from 25 Mbps to 10 Gbps with the ability to scale quickly as needed. Symmetrical connectivity ensures your upload speeds are as fast as downloads. And performance, uptime and availability are ensured through proactive 24/7 monitoring by our U.S.-based dedicated enterprise NOC.

With fiber optic Internet from Spectrum Enterprise, you can boost productivity and glean faster insight with a dedicated, high-performance fiber network designed for business-critical data and cloud-based applications.

Advantages of Spectrum Enterprise fiber optic Internet technology.

For what is fiber Internet best-suited and what are its greatest benefits? Fiber optic Internet from Spectrum Enterprise delivers:

  • Scalable bandwidth to support evolving business requirements.
  • Affordable connectivity—if you’re in our footprint, we’ll connect you to fiber optic Internet at a competitive price.
  • Guaranteed availability through industry-leading SLAs that cover our entire network—including the connection to your on-premises equipment.
  • Reliably fast Internet speeds even during peak traffic hours that can help you achieve important performance goals.
  • Faster and more frequent backup and replication of business data to improve business continuity.

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