Fiber services

Fiber services drive enterprise growth.

As enterprises look for technology solutions that can help move the business forward, fiber services are quickly becoming a critical component of business Internet and IT infrastructure.

It comes down to the benefits of fiber vs cable. Where traditional copper cable transmits data using electricity, fiber optic cable uses light to send data faster, with higher bandwidth and lower loss of quality. That means fiber services for Internet, voice and video can deliver higher performance with greater reliability and tighter security.

The result: Organizations can more effectively take advantage of cloud-based applications. Employees can work faster and make better decisions, with timely information at their fingertips. Collaboration between colleagues and teams can be accelerated. And enterprises can boost productivity and competitiveness.

Your choice of provider is one of the most critical factors in successfully adopting fiber technology and working with fiber services. The right provider should offer a national, redundant fiber network backed by a dedicated, enterprise NOC and highly competitive service-level agreements (SLAs). These criteria are what have brought so many leading companies to Spectrum Enterprise.

Fiber services from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise provides flexible, scalable fiber technology and enterprise network solutions to many of the largest businesses in the United States. Our services help organizations overcome technology limitations, integrate mission-critical solutions and achieve greater success.

Our fiber services are backed by a wholly owned and redundant fiber network, with thousands of fiber route miles and fiber-lit buildings nationwide. A U.S.-based NOC provides 24/7 monitoring to verify uptime, and our industry-leading SLAs ensure optimal network performance and availability.

Comprehensive fiber services to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Spectrum Enterprise fiber services include:

  • Fiber Internet Access—fiber services for gigabit Internet that provide enterprises with dedicated Internet access (enterprise DIA), Internet speeds that scale easily from 25 Mbps up to 10 Gbps, and symmetrical connectivity that ensures upload speeds are as fast as downloads.
  • Fiber services for voice that deliver superior quality and cost advantages, along with collaboration features to increase productivity and keep your workforce and clients connected.
  • Video fiber services that provide flexible HDTV solutions as well as cable service for analog devices in solutions tailored for industries from government and healthcare to hospitality and education.
  • Managed cloud services that maximize the benefits of cloud computing through managed application services, core hosting services, end-user computing services and managed multi-cloud services.
  • Network services that deliver fast, reliable connections to manage data, drive application performance and access the cloud. These fiber services include Managed WiFi, Managed Router Service, Ethernet Services and Wavelength fiber services for secure, high-bandwidth solutions for data-intensive transfer.

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