Fiber speed

Fiber speed delivers big benefits for enterprise productivity.

As more enterprises adopt fiber optic Internet service, fiber speed is enabling significant gains in productivity, competitiveness and profitability.

Business success today is more dependent on connectivity than ever. Cloud applications require faster Internet speeds and higher bandwidth. The number of remote workers continues to rise, along with their need for access to information and collaboration tools. And employees need ever-faster access to timely data to make better decisions more quickly.

Fiber optic Internet speed delivers on all these requirements. Using light instead of electricity to transmit data, fiber optic solutions can provide fiber speed that is 10 to 100 times greater than traditional broadband cable connections. Fiber can deliver higher bandwidth over longer distances, and provides greater security against cyber criminals than traditional copper wire.

The key to achieving optimal fiber speed is working with the right fiber optic provider. For a growing number of enterprises nationwide, Spectrum Enterprise is the fiber Internet provider of choice.

Take advantage of fiber speed with Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise provides fiber technology and enterprise network solutions for organizations seeking to overcome technological limitations and integrate mission-critical solutions. Our wholly owned, national fiber network includes thousands of fiber route miles and fiber-lit buildings in 32 metropolitan areas and 41 states. In addition to fiber Internet access, we provide fiber voice and video technology as well as managed cloud and network services.

At Spectrum Enterprise, superior fiber speed and reliability are ensured through dedicated Internet access. Symmetrical connectivity provides fiber speed for uploads that is as fast as downloads, and scalable from 25 Mbps to 10 Gbps to accommodate evolving business requirements. With Spectrum Enterprise, fiber speed is consistent even during peak traffic times.

To maximize performance and productivity, our U.S.-based dedicated enterprise NOC proactively monitors our fiber network 24/7 to verify uptime and availability. And our highly competitive service-level agreements (SLAs) ensure that enterprises have the performance and availability they need for mission-critical operations.

Advantages of fiber speed over traditional cable connections.

By relying on fiber Internet speed instead of slower cable connections, organizations can:

  • Provide the speed and bandwidth required by cloud-based and resource-intensive applications.
  • Ensure users are spending less time waiting for files to load and more time on tasks that move the business forward.
  • Optimize network performance with help from a local, dedicated support team.
  • Easily scale and increase bandwidth as business needs grow.

Learn more about fiber speed and Spectrum Enterprise, and about accessing fiber Internet in Dallas, Charlotte, New York City and other metropolitan areas nationwide.


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