Government Phone Service

Improve citizen engagement with superior government phone service.

As federal, state and local government agencies work to deliver services more effectively, superior government phone service solutions can help to enhance collaboration, improve productivity and engage citizens more successfully.

In many agencies, government phone service has failed to keep pace with the rapid pace of innovation in voice technology. Smart phones, messaging, mobile apps and video are transforming the way individuals connect with colleagues, customers and partners, and superior government phone service should allow employees to take advantage of technologies like these to improve delivery of services. Yet shrinking budgets and outdated IT systems make it difficult for agencies to implement state-of-the-art government phone service solutions.

That’s where Spectrum Enterprise can help. Providing next generation communications solutions that deliver superior quality and cost advantages, Spectrum Enterprise enables agencies to adopt solutions for government phone service that keep employees productive and citizens connected to the services they require.

Government phone service to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Spectrum Enterprise delivers fiber-based technology for government Internet, voice, TV, cloud and managed network services. With Spectrum Enterprise, governments can more effectively engage citizens, modernize systems, leverage new technologies and enhance government cyber security.

Our technology for government phone service includes cost-effective and elastic voice solutions that can adapt as requirements evolve. Administrators enjoy real-time visibility and control through client portals while hands-on support and industry-leading SLAs ensure the performance that governments require.

Our government phone service solutions include interoperable and feature-rich support for premise-based phone systems. Our PRI interface helps increase productivity with a scalable solution for existing PRI-compatible phone systems, while our SIP interface provides a government phone service that can scale across multiple configurations and is compatible with more than 60 IP PBX vendor makes and models.

Spectrum Enterprise government phone service solutions.

Government phone service options from Spectrum Enterprise include:

  • Hosted Voice. A managed and fully supported virtual solution, Hosted Voice from Spectrum Enterprise offers a scalable government phone service solution to improve productivity with flexible, cost-effective pay-as-you-go features to fit any budget. Hosted Voice provides a seamless connection to the office from anywhere, maximizing the productivity of mobile and remote workers. Our privately owned fiber network provides dedicated and secure data connections, while technology and automatic upgrades ensure that government agencies can connect with citizens more effectively and cost-efficiently.
  • Unified Communications. This service works with Spectrum Enterprise Hosted Voice to provide significant enhancements such as instant messaging and presence, video calling, desktop sharing, web collaboration and more. Workers can increase productivity with features that provides a consistent experience and interrupted connectivity regardless of location or device.


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