High definition voice 

Improve collaboration with high definition voice solutions.

To succeed in a global economy, enterprises need high definition voice technology that can keep clients and employees connected with superior quality and state-of-the-art collaboration features. While email is acceptable for a great deal of business communications, HD voice solutions are critical to person-to-person contact, conference calls, video calls and other important conversations.

High definition voice solutions can also support an increasingly mobile workforce. With the right business phone solution, organizations can allow workers to access high definition voice solutions on any device – from smart phones and desk phones to tablets and laptops, enabling more efficient collaboration.

Choosing the right enterprise phone and high definition voice solution is paramount. Technology is constantly evolving, and organizations need voice solutions that can adapt at an equally rapid pace. That’s why, when seeking high definition voice and phone solutions, a growing number of enterprises have turned to voice services from Spectrum Enterprise.

High definition voice technology from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise is a leading provider of flexible, fiber-based technology and enterprise network solutions for the nation’s largest businesses. In a marketplace where the right technology is key to competitiveness, Spectrum Enterprise provides fiber Internet, voice, video, cloud and network services that help to overcome technological limitations and integrate mission-critical solutions.

Our Hosted Voice service offers scalable high definition voice solutions with next generation communications technology and all the advantages of a fully managed cloud-based service. This flexible, cost-effective, pay-as-you-go offering delivers seamless connection to colleagues and clients, along with best-in-class, high definition voice equipment, unified communications software and full technical support and collaboration.

A choice of multiple feature packs delivers all the productivity-boosting options an organization needs from a high definition voice solution. Available features include:

  • Voicemail to email delivery.

  • Multiple voicemail greetings.

  • Online user portals to view call logs and control user settings.

  • Automatic transfer from desk to mobile phones.

  • Text message alerts on call activity.

  • Selective call blocking.

  • Conference room capabilities.

  • Calls to remote workers through an assigned DID or extension number.

Additional high definition voice services.

In addition to Hosted Voice, we offer additional high-definition voice services that include:

  • Unified Communications, with anytime, anywhere communication across devices along with rich collaboration features, including video chat, mobile phone integration, instant messaging and more.

  • Hosted Call Center, a solution for call centers large and small with state-of-the-art capabilities, and robust analytics and reporting.

  • Fiber solutions for premise-based phone systems, including a PRI interface and a SIP interface.

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