Hospital TV

Improve patient satisfaction with HD hospital TV solutions.

For healthcare organizations seeking to enhance the quality of the patient experience, hospital TV solutions can make a significant difference.

Ensuring patient satisfaction is critical to hospital profitability.

Hospital TV services are a big part of the healthcare experience, and a majority of insured US patients are willing to switch hospitals in order to access better service and amenities. In fact, nearly two of every three patients indicate that they would switch for better food and in-room entertainment options.

By providing TV solutions that match the viewing experience at home, hospitals can more effectively attract patients, increase satisfaction and win patient loyalty – while improving margins and profitability.

Healthcare organizations that want to implement flexible hospital TV packages can count on Spectrum Enterprise for fiber TV services that deliver flexible and cost-effective solutions with exceptional local support.

Hospital TV technology from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise is a national provider of fiber-based technology and enterprise solutions to many of the nation’s largest businesses. With a privately-owned, nationwide fiber network, we offer high-speed Internet, voice, cloud, network and video services that help to increase competitiveness, drive innovation and achieve greater profitability.

Our hospital TV technology provides robust programming packages that feature premium and international channels for a rich, high-definition viewing experience for patients and visitors. Content can be customized to satisfy the needs of the hospital, to match the organization’s brand and to meet and exceed patient expectations. With easily adjustable programming and flexible control options, Spectrum Enterprise Hospital TV makes it easy to manage television viewing throughout a healthcare facility.

A choice of Hospital TV platforms.

Hospital TV and other enterprise video services from Spectrum Enterprise are offered on a choice of two platforms.

Distributed Boxes provide a homelike viewing experiences and a familiar set up that features a compact set-top box or an unobtrusive set-back box for each hospital TV, managed from an on-line portal. This platform provides fast-forward and rewind with thousands of free on-demand programs and the ability to pause live TV. Patients can explore programming with an easy-to-navigate interactive program guide.

Centralized Hospital TV is delivered via fiber connections and distributed to TVs directly through connections to a cable wall outlet, with centralized management that eliminates the need for set boxes. Centralized TV reduces administration and equipment management burdens, while supporting legacy analog devices like fitness room TVs and exercise equipment.

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