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Build loyalty with better hospitality TV solutions.

Your guests have high expectations about your hotel technology services – and especially your hospitality TV offerings.

For most guests, TV keeps them connected to their world while away from home. Seventy percent of U.S. households now have some form of video-on-demand, DVR or subscription-based Internet video service1, and when those consumers travel, they expect their hotel room to have the same technology or better. They want their favorite news, entertainment and sports channels at their fingertips, along with on-demand movies, programs and hundreds of other entertainment options.

Delivering an easy, flawless and delightful hospitality TV experience day in and day out is paramount – and critical to building customer loyalty. Anything less and you risk losing customers to competitors who provide a more consistent experience.

That’s where we can help. At Spectrum Enterprise, we deliver superior hospitality TV solutions that can delight guests, boost ratings and build revenue – and help you achieve greater customer loyalty.

Five-star hospitality TV solutions – from Spectrum Enterprise

Spectrum Enterprise is a national provider of scalable, flexible, fiber-based technology and enterprise network solutions for America’s largest businesses. Our hospitality TV services help to meet rising customer expectations by providing solutions that will satisfy every guest while staying within your budget.

Along with solutions for hospitality TV, we also offer technology like WiFi and high-bandwidth fiber Internet to improve the experience of hotel guests and help you gain a competitive edge.

Two hospitality TV platforms to meet your needs

Our hospitality TV services can be delivered in two ways:

  • Distributed boxes provide a familiar set up and home-like viewing experience. This platform uses a compact set-top box or a set-back box hidden behind each device. Both devices can be managed from an online portal. Distributed boxes enable viewers to access thousands of free on-demand programs through an easy-to-navigate interactive program guide, and they can fast forward or rewind through programs as desired.
  • Centralized hospitality TV provides a fiber-connected solution that minimizes administrative burden and the need to manage equipment. This solution avoids set boxes by delivering programming via a fiber network to TVs that are directly connected to the cable wall outlet. Centralized hospitality TV supports legacy analog devices like the TVs in fitness rooms and includes analog channels (where available) that offer news, sports and information content.

Learn more about hospitality TV solutions from Spectrum Enterprise, or about our fiber optic Internet speed or other enterprise TV solutions.

1 [1] Leichtman Research Group, 2015


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