Hosted call center

Streamline customer support with a hosted call center solution.

When managing a call center becomes too costly and complex for in-house IT teams, a hosted call center solution may be the answer.

Call centers are critical to serving the needs of customers and employees. From customer service centers to technical support and help desks, call centers support the relationships that are the lifeblood of any business.

But managing and maintaining an on-premises call center can be a challenge for IT teams already stretched thin with other priorities. Technology is constantly evolving, requiring frequent and costly upgrades. And call centers require high availability as customers and users have little patience for waiting when services are unavailable.

For organizations looking to improve call center performance while streamlining administration and reducing the burden on IT, a hosted call center with Spectrum Enterprise provides a fully managed solution.

Hosted Call Center services from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise provides fiber-based technology to many of America’s largest businesses. Our flexible, scalable and highly reliable solutions include fiber Internet, video, cloud, network and voice services that help organizations to move past technological limitations and integrate valuable solutions for greater competitiveness.

Our fully managed Hosted Call Center delivers a consistent and reliable experience for interactions with clients and users. Combining the convenience of a managed service with the scalability of enterprise-grade infrastructure, Hosted Call Center is the ideal environment for any call center – small help desks to the most complex customer support center.

Hosted Call Center is a feature-rich, cloud-based solution that solves the most challenging call-center requirements. With modular features, end-user customization and real-time scalability, our hosted voice solutions are delivered over our secure and wholly-owned fiber network to provide the reliability and availability that every call center requires.

Highlights of Spectrum Enterprise Hosted Call Center.

Features of our Hosted Call Center include:

  • Advanced call monitoring and call analytics engineered specifically for call-center supervisors.

  • Leading-edge technology with automatic upgrades.

  • Robust disaster recovery services and embedded continuity to ensure no loss of service due to weather or loss of power.

  • Intuitive online portals for users and administrators that make it simple to phone services and settings and to monitor usage.

  • 24/7/365 support from a locally based and easily accessible team of account representatives and solutions engineers.

Hosted Call Center is available in three feature packs to suit the needs of any call center, and includes add-on features such as call recording, on-demand mobile recording, VocalQ audio mining and additional storage.

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