Hosted services

Hosted services simplify management of business phone technology.

Hosted services for enterprise telephony can help to significantly improve communication and collaboration while reducing costs and minimizing administrative burden.

While the majority of business communication happens through email, enterprise voice services remain the primary method of communications for virtual business meetings and critical conversations. But maintaining on-premise voice technology 24/7 can be a huge task for IT teams that are already stretched thin with competing priorities.

Hosted services for voice allow IT teams to outsource routine but important aspects of managing enterprise voice technology. With the right hosted voice and enterprise cloud services, companies can eliminate capital expense associated with on-premises technology while enabling IT teams to focus on other parts of the business.

For hosted services that enable enterprises to manage business phone solutions more easily, Spectrum Enterprise offers a suite of fiber-based business services.

Hosted services for voice from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise provides fiber-based technology to many of the largest companies in the country. From fiber Internet to video technology and cloud solutions to network services, we complement our hosted services for voice with a suite of powerful technologies that enable organizations to compete more effectively.

Hosted Voice is our fully-managed solution for hosted services for voice. With a pay-as-you-go pricing structure and a rich suite of capabilities, this hosted services solution can scale easily to fit business requirements with a cost-effective solution for enterprise voice.

Hosted Voice provides:

  • A seamless connection to the office from anywhere, improving productivity for remote and mobile workers.

  • High availability and quality of service, thanks to fully redundant facilities-based IP core infrastructure.

  • A dedicated and secure data connection over our wholly-owned and operated all fiber network.

  • Seamless and automatic upgrades via cloud services, eliminating the difficult and costly process of upgrading a premise-based voice platform.

  • Locally-based customer service teams that are available 24/7/365 to respond immediately to issues.

Advantages of Spectrum Enterprise hosted services

With hosted services for voice from Spectrum Enterprise, businesses can:

  • Provide workers with Unified Communications tools for rich collaboration, including video chat, desktop sharing, instant messaging and find me/follow me functionality.

  • Minimize the cost of enterprise voice services by eliminating capital expense and the cost of regular upgrades.

  • Customize phone services with feature packs that provide multiple options for voice services.

  • Improve reliability, availability and business continuity planning with full redundancy in the cloud.

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