Hosted voice

Simplify communication with a hosted voice solution.

Hosted voice solutions can play an important role in improving business communication and enabling voice technology to be a key competitive differentiator.

Companies today rely on voice technology for everything from customer support to virtual business meetings and critical communication. But managing a voice system for 100% uptime and crystal-clear call quality can easily drain IT resources.

Hosted voice solutions enable IT to offload management and maintenance of voices systems to a managed services provider. With hosted voice, enterprises can avoid capital expense while freeing IT professionals to work on other strategic initiatives.

For hosted voice solutions that include services for VoIP in Los Angeles, VoIP in New York City and other metropolitan areas, consider the many advantages of Spectrum Enterprise business solutions.

Hosted Voice technology from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise is a leading provider of fiber-based technology for voice, TV, video and Internet solutions. Providing services to many of America’s largest companies, Spectrum Enterprise enables organizations to better integrate mission-critical technology, overcome technological hurdles and increase innovation and competitiveness.

Hosted Voice from Spectrum Enterprise is a fully managed, cloud-based solution that can scale easily to fit specific business requirements. With a flexible, cost-effective, pay-as-you-go pricing structure, Hosted Voice can fit any budget while providing seamless connection to the office from anywhere.

Features of Spectrum Enterprise Hosted Voice include:

  • Modular and fully customizable features with options for auto attendant, voicemail, automatic call queue, a receptionist console, and more.

  • A dedicated and secure data connection over a privately-owned fiber network.

  • Prompt, reliable resolution of issues, with locally-based service teams (rather than third parties) available to respond to problems.

  • Leading-edge technology and automatic upgrades of best-in-class, high-definition phone equipment.

  • Full redundancy to deliver greater reliability than traditional premise-based systems.

Benefits of Spectrum Enterprise Hosted Voice services.

    With Hosted Voice from Spectrum Enterprise, organizations can:

  • Improve the quality of voice services for employees and customers.

  • Ensure reliable service with cloud-based technology that is not affected by inclement weather or local loss of power.

  • Reduce the cost of voice technology by avoiding capital expense and costly upgrades.

  • Choose from multiple feature packs that enable Hosted Voice services to be customized to the needs of the organization.

  • Combine Hosted Voice with Unified Communications that delivers rich collaboration features such as secure instant messaging, video chat, desktop sharing, Web collaboration and a single phone number that reaches all devices.

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