Managed Network

Improve performance with managed network services.

When handling the day-to-day tasks of network management prevents your IT team from working on strategic initiatives, managed network services can help.

A growing number of businesses today describe themselves as network-dependent, driven in part by mobility requirements and the move to cloud computing. The openness and always-on nature of the enterprise network creates a host of new management and technical challenges, from implementing complex security policies to managing the exchange of information between users, devices and applications. And when a network outage has the capacity to shut down business operations, ensuring network reliability is a critical priority.

Yet while managing and monitoring network services is necessary, it’s often not the most important task on the IT professional’s plate. Many IT teams are also tasked with developing strategic technologies that have the potential to drive long-term business success.

Managed network services can free IT departments from handling the routine but critical tasks of setting up, managing and monitoring network solutions. By entrusting the health of the enterprise network to a team of managed network experts, organizations can improve performance, reduce cost and let IT teams continue to focus on innovation.

Managed network solutions from Spectrum Enterprise.

As a leading provider of fiber-based technology and enterprise network services, Spectrum Enterprise offers a suite of managed network services that can deliver fast, reliable connections to manage data, drive application performance and access the cloud.

Spectrum Enterprise managed network solutions provide:

  • Fast and reliable connectivity, thanks to a high-performance, dedicated fiber network with nationwide availability.
  • Expert monitoring and support provided 24/7 by certified experts and backed by industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Flexible and secure solutions, with an extended and secure LANN and a high-capacity WAN with bandwidth from 25 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

Comprehensive managed network services.

Managed network services from Spectrum Enterprise include:

  • Managed services for a business class router that reduce cost, improve connectivity and increase productivity.
  • Managed WiFi services that deliver a fully managed, turnkey solution for ensuring seamless WiFi access and that provide end-to-end management of design, installation, monitoring, support and training.
  • Wavelength services, providing high-bandwidth solutions for data-intensive applications such as voice and video transfer, data replication, and critical large web apps.
  • Managed Ethernet services that deliver secure and predictable Wide Area Network connectivity over a dedicated fiber network.

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