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A primary rate interface phone system, or PRI phone system, has been the default business phone solution for decades. What is PRI? A PRI phone system uses an ISDN line to deliver multiple lines of voice and data to a business’s PBX via a single circuit. The PRI phone system is a high-capacity service carried on T1 trunk lines between enterprise offices and the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN).

Because a PRI phone system uses physical hardware for telecommunications, it is considered an aging technology. SIP trunking solutions that deliver voice traffic over the Internet are quickly replacing the PRI phone system as the solution most preferred by enterprises. With no physical telephone lines to install, upgrade or troubleshoot, SIP services can offer significant cost savings, as well as greater flexibility and portability. SIP trunking also enables enterprises to provide employees with rich collaboration features such as instant messaging and presence, simultaneous ring, web conferencing and softphones.

Despite the benefits of SIP trunking, many enterprises are not yet ready to scrap their PRI phone system. PRI service is considered more secure, since voice traffic is routed over a dedicated line rather than the Internet. And because voice traffic on a PRI trunk does not compete with data services for bandwidth, call quality is thought to be higher and more consistent.

For organizations that want to continue to manage a PRI phone system while adding or adopting IP-based telecommunications systems over time, Spectrum Enterprise offers a PRI phone interface that can be managed with existing PRI-compatible phone systems.

A PRI phone system from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise is a national provider of fiber-based technology for America’s largest businesses. Our PRI Phone solution delivers a highly reliable voice trunk service over our extensive, all-fiber network. Backed by a competitive service level agreement, local technical support and proactive 24x7 monitoring, our PRI phone system also integrates a suite of management, continuity and reporting features to help maximize productivity.

Benefits of a Spectrum Enterprise PRI from system include:

  • Dedicated voice bandwidth: voice calls on a Spectrum Enterprise PRI phone system have dedicated bandwidth, preventing voice traffic from competing with data services for bandwidth.

  • Lower calling costs: optional and scalable Minutes of Use packages include nationwide long-distance, toll-free and international calling.

  • Reduced capital expenses: our PRI phone system integrates with current PRI-compatible phone technologies and no new equipment is needed, helping to reduce upfront costs.

  • Easier management: a Trunk Services Portal enables secure access to information about usage and to reporting capabilities.

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