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Manage PRI trunk technology with Spectrum Enterprise.

A primary rate interface trunk, or PRI trunk, has been the standard in enterprise voice technology for years. what is PRI trunking? Connecting a corporate PBX to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), a PRI trunk uses a dedicated physical connection – an ISDN line – to transmit voice traffic with high call quality and guaranteed levels of Quality of Service.

While use of a PRI trunk remains a widespread throughout the business world, more organizations today are moving away from a PRI service to Internet-based solutions like SIP trunking. These VoIP-based solutions provide virtual connections to the PSTN, routing voice traffic over the Internet rather than a physical line. Compared to a PRI phone system, SIP trunking offers the potential for significantly lower costs, greater flexibility and portability, and the opportunity to provide workers with collaboration features like softphones, instant messaging and presence, web conferencing and simultaneous ring.

While the benefits of SIP trunking are significant, many organizations are wary about moving their entire telecommunications system to an Internet-based technology. A PRI trunk has been thought to be a more secure technology, as traffic is routed over a dedicated physical line instead of the Internet. And enterprises are reluctant to completely abandon the significant investment they have made in PRI phone equipment.

Spectrum Enterprise provides a PRI trunk solution with feature-rich support for fiber solutions that can be managed with an existing PRI-compatible phone system. With Spectrum Enterprise, organizations can continue to get value from their PRI trunk equipment while managing an eventual move to IP telephony.

A fiber-based PRI trunk interface from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise provides fiber-based technology for America’s largest businesses. Our suite of technologies includes managed network services as well as fiber Internet, video and cloud solutions, in addition to enterprise voice solutions.

Our PRI trunk interface connects a corporate PBX or key system to the PSTN over our wholly-owned fiber network. Backed by robust technical support, an industry-leading service level agreement and 24/7 proactive monitoring, our PRI trunk solution also includes a suite of tools for management, reporting and business continuity to help enterprises maximize productivity and stay connected to workers and clients.

Benefits of Spectrum Enterprise’s PRI trunk technology.

Our PRI trunk solution enables organizations to:

  • Leverage dedicated voice bandwidth to prevent voice traffic from competing with data services.

  • Enable multiple configurations by matching trunk capacity to business requirements with 12 or 23B + D channels.

  • Reduce calling costs with unlimited local calling and scalable Minutes of Use packages for nationwide long-distance, toll-free and international calling.

  • Minimize capital expenses with a solution that requires no new PRI equipment.

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