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Primary rate interface (PRI) has been the standard in business phone services for decades. What is PRI phone service? A PRI trunk provides businesses with digital access to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), using a dedicated T1 line to transmit voice and data traffic. With Quality of Service guarantees and high call quality, primary rate interface technology has played a significant role in enabling enterprises and workers to communicate effectively.

However, primary rate interface services may not be around for long. Internet-based telecommunications solutions like SIP trunking are quickly replacing primary rate interface solutions in enterprises around the world. These IP-based technologies offer significant cost savings, greater portability and flexibility, and a host of collaboration features such as web conferencing, instant messaging presence, softphones and simultaneous ring.

But while SIP trunking delivers clear benefits, many organizations are not ready to abandon their primary rate interface technology completely. Internet-based telephony faces certain security challenges, as voice traffic is routed over the public Internet. And because voice traffic often competes for bandwidth with data services on an SIP trunk, many organizations feel their PRI service provides better call quality.

For enterprises that want to retain their primary rate interface phone system while exploring or eventually moving to IP telephony, Spectrum Enterprise provides interoperable and feature-rich support for fiber solutions that can be managed with an existing PRI phone system.

A primary rate interface solution from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise is a national provider of scalable, flexible fiber-based technology that enables enterprises to integrate powerful solutions for fiber Internet, video, voice, cloud and managed network services.

Our primary rate interface solution connects a private branch exchange (PBX) or key system to the PSTN and provides a suite of features for easier management, robust reporting and business continuity. Our primary rate interface technology is backed by a local technical support team, proactive 24x7 monitoring and industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs). Unlimited local calling and Minutes of Use packages are scalable and offer nationwide long distance, toll-free and international calling to more than 50 worldwide destinations.

Advantages of Spectrum Enterprise’s primary rate interface technology include:

  • Multiple configurations – match trunk capacity to business requirements with 12 or 23B+D channels.

  • Dedicated bandwidth – our primary rate interface solution includes dedicated bandwidth for voice calls, preventing voice traffic from having to compete for bandwidth with network data services.

  • Minimal capital expense – our PRI phone solution is compatible with existing PRI equipment, reducing upfront costs and training requirements.

  • Real-time management – administrator can access uses details and reporting capabilities through our Trunk Services Portal.

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