Telehealth Services

Providing healthcare to rural communities with telehealth services

Telehealth services are having a dramatic and positive impact on healthcare throughout the United States. By using communication technologies to provide access to healthcare professionals, telehealth services have the potential to both drive down the cost of care and improve care quality for patients, especially in rural areas.

Telehealth services include the practice of telemedicine in rural areas plus a wider range of remote healthcare applications. In many communities, telehealth services may include:

  • Virtual visits that enable patients to consult with a primary care physician or specialist using live video, voice or data conferencing technology.
  • Telesurgery, where surgeons hundreds or thousands of miles away perform robotic surgery on patients at a facility close to their home.
  • Remote monitoring that allows physicians to track vital signs and other data on high-risk patients, helping to ensure they stick to a treatment plan and minimize the risk of hospital readmission.
  • Telepsychiatry services that enable patients to receive mental health care without having to travel long distance.
  • Storage and sharing of digital files, patient health records and medical imaging among clinicians


Telehealth services rely on superior network performance

Successful use of health information technology like real-time video and voice requires Internet and wide area network (WAN) connections that deliver minimal latency, high bandwidth and high availability.

Telehealth services like videoconferencing or high-definition video require bandwidth of 10 Mbps for smaller medical practices up to 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps for larger facilities. Minimal latency of 150 ms or less is required for safety in telesurgery applications. And continuous availability of data and access is essential for keeping providers, patients and insurers connected.

When choosing a hospital network service provider to support telehealth services, more organizations today are turning to the comprehensive fiber solutions from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise: the right provider for telehealth services

Healthcare solutions from Spectrum Enterprise provide the telehealth technology and support that organizations need to deliver the best possible care and patient experience. Delivering secure, fast and reliable connectivity over a nationwide fiber network, Spectrum Enterprise provides healthcare organizations with solutions for:

  • Gigabit Fiber Internet Access and Ethernet solutions that deliver fast speeds and enable data and patient health information to be quickly and easily shared among clinicians while ensuring healthcare data security.
  • Fiber voice solutions that provide next generation hospital phone collaboration features and deliver superior voice quality in addition to cost advantages.
  • High-definition video and television services that help hospitals to provide a superior viewing experience to increase patient satisfaction.
  • Managed WiFi and Router services that help to ensure WiFi access throughout a facility while relieving IT teams of the burden of managing and updating equipment.


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