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Satisfy customers with high-definition TV services.

Video is ubiquitous today. Users consume TV services on everything from smart phones and tablets to point-of-sale displays and lobby televisions, and on screens in waiting rooms, elevators, restaurants and offices. Savvy businesses understand that joining the enterprise video revolution can help to more successfully attract customers, win business, build loyalty and satisfy users and employees.

Spectrum Enterprise offers leading TV services that help America’s largest businesses to take advantage of customers’ interest in video to communicate more effectively with a broad range of audiences.

TV services from Spectrum Enterprise.

SSpectrum Enterprise is a national provider of scalable, flexible, fiber-based technology and enterprise solutions that help to increase innovation, drive productivity and improve competitiveness. We offer a wide variety of fiber-based business services that include high-speed Internet, enterprise voice services, cloud solutions, network and Ethernet services, in addition to high-definition TV solutions.

Our TV services include flexible HDTV solutions for key industries and can be tailored to meet the needs of specific locations. A local account team provides extensive expertise and can help to identify requirements, evaluate solutions and select options for TV services for any location and deployment.

Spectrum Enterprise offers two platforms for TV services:

  • Distributed boxes offer a familiar set up and viewing experience that matches what many customers have at home. TV services are provided through set boxes that connect to televisions and provide access to a wide selection of programs. Users can fast-forward and rewind through thousands of free on-demand programs, or view and pause live TV using an anti-microbial, simplified remote. An easy-to-navigate interactive program guide enables users to find their programs quickly.
  • Centralized video services connect TVs directly to a cable wall outlet. Centralized TV also simplifies administration and removes the burden of managing and upgrading set boxes and other equipment while providing support for legacy devices like fitness room equipment.

TV services for healthcare, hospitality and more.

Our TV services can be tailored for any industry.

  • Healthcare organizations can enhance patient experiences with hospital TV solutions that provide patients with a rich viewing experience in a setting where entertainment is critical to patient satisfaction.
  • Enterprise and government organizations can keep visitors and employees entertained and informed with TV services throughout a physical location.
  • K-12 schools and universities can deploy TV services to the classroom, the dorm room and the library and common areas to increase student success and improve student satisfaction.
  • Hotels and other hospitality-related businesses can win customer loyalty by providing TV services that match or exceed the viewing experiences customers have at home.

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