Unified communications

Support your borderless work environment with unified communications.

Unified communications and voice solutions are revolutionizing today’s work environment. Gone are the days when customers or colleagues would have to alternately try your office phone, cell phone, instant message and email to reach. With unified communications, your employees get a seamless communications experience that brings together a variety of technologies from multiple platforms and devices to simplify collaboration and boost productivity.

Choosing the right unified communications provider is critical. Because technology is constantly evolving you’ll need a provider that is continually upgrading infrastructure and offerings. You’ll also want a provider that can shield you from the complexity of managing unified communications. And because communications is so critical to forward progress, you’ll want a provider who offers 24/7/365 support, with easy access to tech experts, account representatives and senior management.

That’s why, when choosing a unified communication solution, more companies today are turning to technology from Spectrum Enterprise.

Get unified communications from an industry leader

Spectrum Enterprise is a national provider of scalable, fiber-based technology and reliable IT solutions that help to provide a competitive edge.

Our Unified Communications offering is a hosted solution, allowing you to focus on your business while we manage the details and complexity of your communications technology. Spectrum Enterprise Unified Communications combines Hosted Voice, instant messaging and presence, video calling, desktop sharing and web collaboration to provide a seamless communications experience across fixed and mobile platforms.

Our standard Business Feature Pack includes:

  • Desktop Anywhere Connect, a Desktop-as-a-Service solution

  • Instant messaging and presence, with the ability to reach out in real time to colleagues and clients and invite multiple users to a single chat session.

  • Voice, a VOIP technology with a comprehensive set of business phone service features including call forwarding to internal and external numbers.

  • Video calling, with the ability to move seamlessly from simple chat conversations to voice or video and a single click.

Additional add-on components include:

  • Desktop sharing, enabling easier collaboration with the ability to share your desktop during a conversation.

  • Mobile Anywhere Connect, providing a find me/follow me functionality that lets you take calls from anywhere and from any device with a single number.

Benefits of Unified communications from Spectrum Enterprise.

    With Spectrum’s Unified communications solutions, you can:

  • Boost productivity by giving users a streamlined, seamless communications experience.

  • Customize your unified communications technology with the ability to self-manage preferences for calls and configurations.

  • Keep work and personal information separate, even with a single number for all your devices.

Learn more about unified communications from Spectrum Enterprise, or find VOIP Los Angeles and VOIP New York City solutions.


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