VoIP trunk

VoIP trunk technology is transforming business collaboration.

VoIP trunk technology is the future of phone services for businesses worldwide. By enabling a wide variety of voice services delivered over the Internet – rather than traditional telephone lines – VoIP trunk solutions help to reduce costs, improve reliability, ensure scalability and increase portability.

But the greatest benefit that VoIP trunk technology provides may be in the breadth of Unified Communications solutions it enables workers to use. With VoIP phone service, employees can communicate more easily and flexibly with colleagues, clients and partners, turning virtually any device into a soft phone. Business VoIP solutions allow workers to make calls and send messages from any location using laptops, tablets, smart phones, desktops and other devices. Instant messaging, presence, audio/web/videoconferencing, desktop sharing, fixed-mobile convergence and simultaneous ring (find me/follow me) are some of the many solutions that VoIP trunk services enable.

Taking advantage of VoIP trunk technology requires a provider who can connect an enterprise IP PBX system to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) securely, reliably and cost-effectively. That’s exactly what you get with SIP trunking from Spectrum Enterprise.

VoIP trunk services from Spectrum Enterprise

Spectrum Enterprise provides scalable, flexible, fiber-based technology for voice solutions as well as fiber Internet, TV, video, cloud solutions and managed network services.

We offer a SIP Trunking solution that enables enterprises nationwide to take advantage of VoIP trunk technology. Our service provides a reliable and secure voice solution where voice traffic is routed over our private fiber network rather than the public Internet, and where dedicated voice bandwidth means voice traffic never has to compete for bandwidth with data traffic on the network.

Spectrum Enterprise SIP Trunking is sold in small increments of call paths, providing a highly scalable and cost-efficient alternative to traditional phone services. And with scalable Minutes of Use packages, organizations can increase savings on nationwide long-distance calls, toll-free calling and international calling to more than 50 destinations worldwide.

How VoIP trunk solutions can benefit your enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise VoIP trunk services enable organizations to:

  • Reduce the cost and complexity of providing, managing and maintaining voice solutions for the enterprise.

  • Reroute overflow calls to meet business demands with Trunk Overflow.

  • Simplify management of VoIP trunk services with a secure portal that delivers easy access to usage details and reports.

  • Improve the reliability of voice solutions by routing messages over our secure fiber network that is backed by industry-leading service level agreements and proactive monitoring 24/7.

In addition to SIP trunking, Spectrum Enterprise also provides a PRI trunk interface in an easy-to-scale solution that can be managed with existing PRI-compatible phone systems.

Learn more about VoIP trunk offerings from Spectrum Enterprise, or find solutions for VoIP in Dallas and other U.S. cities.


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