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Enhance the patient experience with better hospital room and waiting room TV service. As hospitals strive to enhance the patient experience, adopting higher quality hospital room and waiting room TV technology can help to increase patient satisfaction.

Hospital room and waiting room TV programming can help to entertain and calm patients and families as they wait to receive treatment or during patient recovery. But meeting expectations around viewing experiences can be a challenge–many individuals are used to high-quality viewing experiences at home and expect the same from their patient or waiting room TV experience. Delivering a broad range of programming, ease-of-use and a high-quality, high definition viewing experience can help to enhance a patient’s stay, improve patient satisfaction and loyalty, and increase competitive differentiation.

For high quality hospital and waiting room TV technology, more healthcare organizations today are turning to hospital information technology from Spectrum Enterprise.

Patient and waiting room TV technology from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise is a national provider of fiber technology for video, voice and Internet access, as well as cloud services and managed network services for America’s largest enterprises. Spectrum also provides health information technology and hospital network services that help to simplify telehealth services and provide telemedicine in rural areas, along with managed services for hospital WiFi.

Spectrum Enterprise hospital and waiting room TV offerings include both centralized and distributed video capabilities in customizable solutions to better meet hospital needs and exceed patient expectations.

Hospital and waiting room TV technology from Spectrum Enterprise provides:

  • Flexible HDTV solutions that can be tailored both for hospital room and waiting room TV viewing.
  • Support for legacy devices, including fitness room screens and exercise equipment in hospital fitness rooms.
  • Expertise from a local account team with extensive experience in hospital HDTV technology.
  • Robust programming packages with premium and international channels that provide a home -like viewing experience for patients and visitors.
  • Customizable content options to meet the needs of the hospital and its brand.
  • Adjustable programming and flexible control options that enable hospital administrators to manage television viewing throughout the facility.


Two options for patient and waiting room TV service.

Spectrum Enterprise offers two ways to deliver hospital room and waiting room TV service.

Distributed boxes provide a home-like viewing experience and familiar set up, with TV screens connected to a compact set-top box or an unobtrusive set-back box. This option enables fast-forward and rewind of thousands of free on-demand programs and includes an easy-to-use interactive program guide and anti-microbial simplified remote.

A centralized TV option provides a fiber connection that connects directly to the wall, centralizing management and eliminating the need for set boxes. This option offers more than 60 HD and SD channels and provides a customizable program guide.

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