Wavelength Division Multiplexing

Support high-bandwidth applications with wavelength division multiplexing technology.

Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) is a fiber optic technology that significantly increases the amount of data a single fiber cable can transmit. By sending multiple signals at different wavelengths (or colors) of laser light through a fiber cable, wavelength division multiplexing technology can increase the number of signals being sent simultaneously, while also allowing bidirectional communications over a single strand of fiber.

Traditional wavelength division multiplexing is known as coarse WDM. Dense wavelength division multiplexing, or DWDM, employs tighter spacing between wavelengths, enabling a DWDM network to transmit more data over a longer run of cable with less interference than traditional wavelength division multiplexing solutions.

The benefits of wavelength division multiplexing technology to the enterprise are significant. As more businesses invest in high-bandwidth solutions such as VoIP, digital enterprise TV and video, hybrid WANs, and cloud computing, wavelength division multiplexing solutions can help to ensure these technologies have the bandwidth and the power they need to deliver on requirements as expected.

For organizations that want to adopt wavelength division multiplexing technology, Spectrum Enterprise offers an industry-leading DWDM service in Wavelengths.

Wavelength division multiplexing solutions from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise offers fiber technologies that enable many of America’s largest businesses to overcome technological limitations, integrate critical applications and drive innovation with scalable, flexible fiber solutions.

Spectrum Enterprise Wavelength services provide high-bandwidth with 10 or 100 Gbps while minimizing capital expense and IT resources. Built for data-intensive applications and systems, wavelength services are perfect for the data-intensive transport needs of voice and video solutions, critical large web apps, data replication services and data center transfers.

Benefits of the Spectrum Enterprise wavelength division multiplexing offerings.

With wavelength division multiplexing technology from Spectrum Enterprise, organizations can:

  • Rely on dedicated and secure connectivity, with non-shared circuits providing secure connections between critical locations.
  • Enjoy fast and reliable connectivity with diverse routing options, thanks to the Spectrum Enterprise wholly-owned and redundant fiber network that comprises 230,000 fiber route miles and 191,000 fiber-lit buildings throughout 41 states and 32 metropolitan areas.
  • Reduce costs by converging network services, including WAN and Internet access, and taking advantage of a team of MEF-certified networking professionals at Spectrum Enterprise who can help to ensure optimal performance and availability.

  • Learn more about wavelength division multiplexing from Spectrum Enterprise, or find services for VoIP in Charlotte, Dallas, NYC and other metropolitan areas throughout the United States.


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