Improve connectivity speed with WDM technology.

Wavelength division multiplexing, or WDM, is a fiber optic technology that multiplies the number of signals a single optical fiber can carry. By transmitting multiple carrier signals at different wavelengths or colors of laser light, WDM technology can significantly increase the bandwidth of fiber-based communications solutions.

Dense wavelength division multiplexing, or DWDM, is a type of WDM technology that can transmit an even greater number of signals and more data over a larger run of cable with less interference than course WDM, or CWDM. A DWDM network has higher power requirements and costs significantly more than WDM technology.

With access to a WDM or DWDM network, organizations can better support data-intensive applications and systems such as voice and video technology, data replication systems, critical large web apps, hybrid WANs and data transfer centers.

For organizations that want to reap the benefits of WDM and DWDM and technology, Spectrum Enterprise provides an industry-leading solution in Wavelengths.

WDM solutions from Spectrum Enterprise.

Spectrum Enterprise is a national provider of fiber-based technology, providing scalable and flexible solutions for America’s largest businesses. Combining teams from three former companies – Spectrum Business Enterprise Solutions, Time Warner Cable Business Class, and Bright House Networks Enterprise Solutions – we deliver technology that helps organizations overcome limitations, integrate solutions and achieve greater business success.

Spectrum Enterprise Wavelengths is a lit Layer 1 service using dense WDM technology to provide clients with multi-location networking and a dedicated, non-shared, point-to-point circuit that connects geographically diverse locations. With Wavelengths, each client has a dedicated “pipe” that allows traffic to pass transparently. Our WDM services perform no packet/frame routing, so clients enjoy the benefits of low-latency bandwidth at 10 or 100 Gbps.

With Wavelengths WDM solutions, cloud applications run smoothly. File transfers are drag-and-drop rather than click-and-wait. Videoconferences with key customers are crystal clear. And data replication can be performed faster and more frequently to support business continuity needs.

Benefits of Spectrum Enterprise WDM services.

Spectrum Enterprise WDM solutions enable organizations to:

  • Enjoy fast, reliable connectivity with diverse routing options over the Spectrum Enterprise reliable fiber network.
  • Enhance security with secure connections between critical locations using dedicated, non-shared circuits.
  • Reduce costs by converging network services, including WAN and Internet access, and taking advantage of the Spectrum Enterprise team of networking experts to scale WDM technology easily and cost-effectively.

  • Learn more about WDM technology from Spectrum Enterprise, or find a managed service provider in Dallas, or services for VoIP in Los Angeles.


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