What is fiber internet

Fiber optic Internet services are changing the way America’s largest businesses connect people, information and applications. Here’s a short introduction to Internet fiber technology and the many benefits it offers.

What is fiber Internet?
Fiber Internet cables transmit data using light (rather than the electrical signals that are used in copper cable), enabling information to travel much faster, with greater bandwidth, over longer distances and with less quality loss.

What is fiber Internet’s most significant benefit?
Fiber optic bandwidth and speed are the most critical advantages. As enterprises make greater use of cloud computing and adopt data-intensive technology for voice and video, the bandwidth of fiber connections will ensure these applications have the required connectivity for successful operations.

What does fiber Internet offer over copper cable?
Traditional copper connections can’t compete for speed or bandwidth with fiber technology. Copper may be less expensive to install at the outset, but the cost savings of managing and using fiber reduce the total cost of ownership over time.

What is fiber Internet’s fastest speed?
Fiber Internet connections can reach speeds of up to 10 Gbps, enabling files that once took minutes or hours to download to be received within seconds.

What is fiber Internet dedicated access?
Dedicated Internet access provides assurances of minimum speed and bandwidth for an Internet connection. Non-dedicated access means that businesses must compete with other subscribers for bandwidth, which frequently means delays at peak traffic periods. Dedicated access ensures that users will have the speed and bandwidth they need any time of day.

What is fiber Internet’s security rating?
Fiber connections are inherently more secure than copper, as the data contained in light signals is less susceptible to theft and interruption.

What is a fiber Internet provider’s most important feature?
When searching for a fiber Internet provider, enterprises typically seek a company that provides a robust fiber optic network backed by an enterprise Network Operation Center (NOC) and powerful service-level agreements (SLAs) that ensure the desired levels of performance, availability and uptime.

What is the fiber Internet provider preferred by more leading enterprises?
Spectrum Enterprise is an industry-leading provider of fiber Internet services, with a wholly owned and redundant fiber network featuring thousands of fiber route miles and fiber-lit buildings throughout the country. Fiber Internet Access provides speeds up to 10 Gbps and the reliability of dedicated Internet access. Spectrum Enterprise also provides fiber technology for voice, TV, managed cloud services and managed network services including managed router, managed WiFi and fiber optic Ethernet services.

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