What is fiber optic Internet?

Fiber optic solutions are transforming enterprise IT infrastructure, delivering significant benefits for data-intensive applications, and faster speed and greater bandwidth capacity for business Internet. Here’s a brief introduction to fiber-optic Internet and its advantages.

What is fiber optic Internet?
A fiber Internet connection uses light to transmit data through fiber-optic cables, enabling faster Internet speeds, greater bandwidth, longer hauls and lower quality loss. With fiber optic Internet, enterprises can optimize cloud-based applications, enable remote users to communicate and collaborate more easily, and ensure that employees throughout the enterprise have the timely information they need.

What is fiber optic Internet’s greatest benefit?
Fiber Internet offers significant increases in bandwidth over other Internet solutions. As enterprises incorporate more data-intensive solutions for voice, video and cloud technology, fiber-optic bandwidth ensures that these technologies will have the power and support they require to be effective.

What does fiber optic Internet have over traditional cable?
Traditional cable and broadband solutions can’t compete with fiber on speed or bandwidth. While fiber can be more expensive to install initially, the cost savings over time make fiber a more valuable investment.

What is fiber optic Internet’s highest speed?
Fiber Internet speeds can reach as high as 10 Gbps, enabling downloads of massive files in just seconds.

What is fiber optic Internet dedicated access?
Dedicated Internet access ensures a minimum level of speed and bandwidth for an Internet connection. Rather than competing with other business users for bandwidth and suffering loss of connection speed during peak traffic hours, dedicated Internet access ensures consistent speed and bandwidth any time of day for greater reliability.

What is fiber optic Internet’s security profile?
Because fiber uses light to transmit data, signals are less susceptible to theft and malicious interruption, providing enterprises with a more secure way to communicate and share information.

What is a superior fiber optic Internet provider?
A superior fiber-optic Internet provider must have a national, redundant fiber optic network that is backed by an enterprise Network Operation Center (NOC) and highly competitive service-level agreements (SLAs) to ensure performance, uptime and availability.

What is the fiber optic Internet provider chosen by more leading enterprises?
Spectrum Enterprise delivers fiber-optic gigabit Internet service to many of the largest businesses in the nation. Built on a wholly owned and redundant fiber network, our fiber-optic Internet services provide dedicated Internet access and scalable connection speeds from 25 Mbps up to 10 Gbps, with uploads that are as fast as downloads.

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